'Riverdale' Is Finally Going To Reveal Chic's True Identity & We're Shook

by Dylan Kickham

After five episodes of just glowering from the staircase and menacingly eating cereal, the truth about Chic Cooper is finally about to come out on Riverdale. Wednesday night's new episode ended with Betty delivering a bombshell to the guy she once thought was her brother, declaring that she knows he lied to her about his identity. So who is Chic Cooper really on Riverdale, and what is he doing in the Cooper house? Let's get into it.

Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading if you have not seen Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15 "There Will Be Blood." Chic has been super creepy for a while now, but Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale really upped the creep factor. After a surprise visit from Polly and her twins (back from that weird cult they randomly joined that I kind of forgot about), Chic starts acting even more unsettling than normal. But the biggest red flag comes after Clifford Blossom's will is read, which declares that anybody with Blossom blood will inherit a fraction of his fortune. Of course, this is great news for the Coopers, since we learned in Season 1 that Hal Cooper actually shares an ancestor with the Blossom family, so Hal, Polly, and Betty are eligible for the payout after a blood test. Left out of the inheritance is Alice, who agreed to divorce Hal right before the reading of the will (she accuses Hal of proposing the divorce simply so he would not have to share his payout).

And then there's Chic. Betty encourages Chic to get his blood tested along with her and Polly to claim their shares of the Blossom inheritance, but he suspiciously refuses. He claims that needles trigger him, but it seems pretty clear to the viewers and to Betty that he's hiding something. Thankfully, Betty goes into her Nancy Drew mode and swipes a piece of floss from his bathroom so that she can get him tested. What she finds is... not great.

At the very end of the episode, Betty barges into Chic's room and throws a folder containing the results of his DNA test at him, saying that now she knows he has been lying about his identity and demanding an explanation. Unfortunately, the episode ends before we get an answer from Chic, but you can bet that it will be the focus of next week's episode.


The question of Chic's true identity has been a major source of theorizing among fans since even before he was even introduced on the show. Betty first found out that she had a brother she never knew about towards the end of Season 1. When the Black Hood debacle was taking over Riverdale at the beginning of Season 2, one of the most predominant fan theories was that Betty's still-unintroduced-at-that-point brother was the Black Hood. And when Betty and Alice finally did go out and find Chic after the midseason finale, his shady backstory and creepy glances only increased suspicions among fans that he was hiding a major secret.

The biggest theory about Chic's true identity among Riverdale fans is that he is the son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones. It all adds up: We know Alice was once a Southside Serpent, and that she has a romantic history with FP. Plus, Hal Cooper seems to have an incredibly passionate hatred for Chic, which would make sense if he was the product of Alice's affair with FP. This would line up with the blood test that Betty ran — if the test was only looking for Blossom blood, then it wouldn't come up with any in Chic since the Coopers' side is the one mixed in with the Blossom, and Alice is not a Cooper by blood.

Whatever is about to be revealed, I'm just glad that Riverdale is finally going to give us the truth about Chic after stringing us along for so long with him. Seriously, it was getting so annoying just watching him cryptically stare at Betty over breakfast every episode.