This Tiny 'Westworld' Detail May Reveal Which Host Is Inside Charlotte

by Ani Bundel

Westworld Season 3 has brought Dolores and Bernard out into the real world, and away from the (relative) safety of the Delos park system that housed then for so many decades. But they aren't the only hosts in the outside world. Dolores took four others with her when she left, whose identities have yet to be revealed. The most significant is Charlotte Hale, the most high-powered figure Dolores has replaced with a host so far. Fans need to know, who is the host in Charlotte Hale on Westworld? But the show may have already told us. Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

At the end of Season 2, Dolores escaped with five hosts in her purse. As far as fan's know, this is the distribution:

  • Dolores escapes inside the host replica of Hale
  • Upon arriving in the real world, Hale makes a Dolores host
  • Dolores re-implants herself inside her body
  • A second host is placed inside Hale
  • Dolores makes a Bernard, implanting him inside his new body
  • Dolores makes a Connells replacement, which replaces Liam Dempsey Jr.'s late body man at the end of Episode 1
  • Bernard brings Stubbs with him when he leaves the park in Episode 2.

That means there are five known hosts are out in the real world (Dolores, Hale, Connells, Bernard, Stubbs) with two more possible. But who did Dolores entrust to run Hale and Connells?

Logic dictates she would have taken her most loyal lieutenants upon exiting the park: Clementine Pennyfeather, Angela, and Teddy. Fans are pretty sure Angela is in Connells, and many think Teddy is in Hale. But there's an odd clue that suggests this could all be misdirection.


Dolores and Hale both have the same asymmetrical bob hairdo. Hale did not have an asymmetrical bob last season, a small, but significant change. What if Dolores decided she couldn't trust anyone to take such a high-powered position? What if Dolores is inside Hale?

One of the more remarkable moments was the host meltdown inside Hale, self-harming the body as if trying to reject being implanted. For some, that suggested it was Pennyfeather, who Hale tortured. Or perhaps Teddy, who fought Dolores' influence once already. But could it be Dolores herself, freaking out because her own body is right there?

But if so, then who is inside Dolores? Did she run the play on Liam and then swap bodies after the Connells switcheroo? But with who? Angela would be a good candidate; she regularly led independant attacks in Season 2. Could Dolores have put Angela in her body, and Teddy in Connells?

But why would she do that? There's an excellent reason: Bernard. He assumes Dolores is in her own body. If Dolores is expecting Bernard will eventually try to stop her, wouldn't it make sense to have a decoy?

It's a trick Westworld already pulled once, putting Dolores in Hale, and trusting the confusion of timelines would make it so viewers wouldn't realize it. The ability of hosts to mimic each other, and other humans, fooling the viewer, has been a running theme since Season 1.

Currently, the show has been too straightforward. There must be a twist. This would be right in Westworld's wheelhouse if it were.