The Masked Singer

'The Masked Singer' Fans Are Already Convinced The Giraffe Is A 'Hamilton' Star

by Ani Bundel

When The Masked Singer premiered, TV critics were a little blown away by how much audiences took to the show. On the surface, the series utterly ludicrous, while also absurdly simple. Celebrities spend a few weeks on their days off wearing ridiculous costumes while singing, most of them badly. That's it, that's the show! What these critics missed was why it was so buzzy: The guessing game aspect. What better distraction is there than asking each other who is The Giraffe on The Masked Singer?

Season 4 has already kicked off the guessing games even before the first episode airs. Usually, fans try to wait at least a little bit before attempting to make an educated guess. For instance, it helps to see how the person moves on stage, to hear them sing for the crowd. One can at least tell the "vaguely professional vocalist" from the "football player" in most cases.

But when it comes to the Giraffe, there's a new aspect added to the mix: the actual costume. Most of the time, when it comes to a Miss Monster or a sunny-side up Egg, there's not much to go on. But the Giraffe arrived with two crucial details that have set fans on the scent.

First, there's that security team, suggesting they could be a celebrity who travels with a Secret Service-style contingent. Then there's that "biggest celebrity yet" chyron. But before anyone gets carried away guessing children of former presidents or a second-born royal living in the United States, there's that outfit.

Now, sure, it's good to be the king. But perhaps it's someone famous for playing a king. Oceans rise and empires fall, and some singers have played it all. If so, could this be Hamilton's original King George, Jonathan Groff? With Broadway shut down and nothing better to do, perhaps he put on a costume to remind you of his love.

But when you open up the idea of Broadway, Groff isn't the only one sitting around while projects are delayed. There's an entire cast of Hamilton who could be in there: Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, heck, even Lin-Manuel Miranda himself could be under that giraffe head. If The Masked Singer could snag the man who is just missing the O in EGOT, that just might be the biggest celebrity the show will have ever seen.

Catch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights on Fox to find out who's under that costume — and all the others, of course.