This 'AHS: 1984' Theory About The Camp Redwood Killer Predicts A Major Twist

by Dylan Kickham

Another new season of American Horror Story is finally here, and that means a bunch of fun new characters, some seriously nightmare-inducing new terrors, and a ton of fan theories trying to figure out what is actually going on. Strangely, the season premiere of the slasher-themed AHS: 1984 seemed to reveal the identities of the two main killers right away, but since this is AHS, you just know that some unexpected twists are coming. So, who is the Camp Redwood killer in AHS: 1984, really? A convincing new fan theory is making the case that Mr. Jingles may not actually be the culprit.

Spoiler alert: This post contains some spoilers from the season premiere of AHS: 1984. The new season of American Horror Story wasted no time in introducing viewers to the new cast of characters and bringing them all to the absolutely terrifying Camp Redwood. It also introduced the two serial killers who will presumably be stalking the campers throughout the season: Zach Villa as the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, and John Carroll Lynch as the ear-collecting murderer Mr. Jingles. But in the AHS world, everything is not as it seems, so fans have a new theory about who the true villain of this season could be: Camp Redwood's owner Margaret Booth.


That's right — fans think Leslie Grossman's strict, God-loving, sex-hating camp director will turn out to be the real villain, and that she is hiding a very dark secret about her past. The theory, which is gaining attention on Reddit, posits that Margaret was the person who actually killed all of her fellow campers back in 1970, and that supposed flashback of Mr. Jingles killing her whole cabin was a lie she formulated to place the blame on him. After all, her explanation about how she managed to be the sole survivor of his murderous rampage seemed super sketchy. Plus, why would she want to come back to the site of her trauma if she really was almost murdered there?

Bolstering this theory even more is the fact that this season of AHS is all about campy horror tropes, and a twist ending revealing that the nice, innocent-seeming woman was actually the murder mastermind all along is Slasher Movie 101.

There are a couple ways fans think this twist could go. One potential path is that Margaret framed Mr. Jingles for her mass homicide and now he has broken out of prison after learning she's reopened Camp Redwood to try to stop her from killing again. Another possible route is that Margaret and Mr. Jingles have been in cahoots this whole time, and now that Margaret has reopened Camp Redwood, she also helped Mr. Jingles break out so they can work together to kill more campers. Honestly, either way, I'm pretty convinced Margaret is up to no good.

Since the season has only just begun, fans might have to wait a while to get confirmation of this theory, so look out for any new clues about Margaret as you tune into AHS: 1984 Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on FX.