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Who Is "So It Goes..." About? Taylor Swift's New Song Might Be About Joe Alwyn


Taylor Swift's Reputation has made its long-awaited debut as of midnight on Friday, Nov. 10, and fans are not disappointed with the star's sixth studio album. The album quickly hit number one, and it's basically the only thing Twitter can talk about right now. One of the songs, "So It Goes...," had people talking when the Reputation track list was released by Swift on Tuesday, Nov. 7. So who is "So It Goes..." about? Fans think the ellipses before "...Ready For It?" and after "So It Goes..." mark the first narrative half of Reputation. After listening to the album, it's definitely a legit theory.

Listening to the first half of Reputation and the second half of it, you can tell there's a narrative difference. The first half is more in line with what the album cover and the Reputation magazines detail: Swift's loss of patience with media gossip about her. The second half shows a completely different side of Swift's life in the last year, mainly her relationship with Joe Alwyn that she's kept extremely private. (No one even knew they were dating until months into their relationship.) The main thing connecting the two halves of Reputation together is the theme that Swift is sick of the media's perception of her, her "reputation." Based on songs like "Look What You Made Me Do," "End Game," and "Don't Blame Me," it's clear Swift thinks she really didn't do much to cause so much "hate" in the media toward her. Others would argue differently, but it's this theme of Swift being fed up with gossip about her life that connects the two halves of Reputation together.

In her most recently released single, "Call It What You Want," Swift sings about how she turned to her relationship with Alwyn for consolation when she was receiving a bunch of hate on social media following her beef with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

While "Call It What You Want" is the more romantic example of Swift's exasperation with the spotlight, "So It Goes..." (which you can buy on iTunes here) tells an insanely sexual story just before all of the romantic Reputation songs begin. Fans who attended the Reputation Secret Sessions said Swift's mother had to leave the room when listening to the song "Dress," but did she also need to leave during "So It Goes..."? 'Cause, uh, guys, this song is ~steamy~.

The "So It Goes..." lyrics go:

Is it hot in here or what?

Prepare yourselves, though, because the latter half of the song gets even hotter.

Fans think "So It Goes..." is all about Joe Alwyn, Swift's boyfriend of one year.

Scratches down your back? We could feel it? All the pieces fall right into place? Definitely sounds like a love song to me, and she does have a current love. Also, Swift and Alwyn have been keeping their relationship way under wraps. This song alludes to the fact that the public doesn't know they're together, so it definitely fills in the pieces for me.

Reputation is officially available for everyone to hear. Are you ready for it? (I am so sorry.)

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