Sterling K Brown in marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Get Ready, You're Going To Love Sterling K. Brown's 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Character

by Ani Bundel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel finally is leaving New York City. Well, maybe not right away. Midge has to pack first and then unpack and pack again. There's the little matter of dumping Benjamin and completing her divorce papers. But not to worry, by the middle of Season 3, Episode 3, she will finally get on the road with Shy Baldwin and let her comedy career take off. But first, she and manager Susie are going to have to deal with Shy's manager, Reggie. But who is Reggie on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Wasn't Shy's manager named Lou? Warning: Spoilers for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel follow.

Shy's manager was named Lou, at least the manager Susie and Midge encountered initially. Lous is a generously big-hearted manager Midge and Susie expect to be dealing with in their sheltered experiences, the type of "daddy figure" who doles out money for cabs and photos and "whatever else you girls need" before they even ask for it.

He's also not Shy's manager. He's the guy front, the one who is sent out to gladhand and smile all the white bookers. He's the way around dealing with racist men who wouldn't give give his client a headlining position.

Shy's real manager is Reggie, his best friend from childhood. Reggie has been there every step of the way, turning Shy's talent into money from the get-go.

And Reggie is a walking lesson in discipline. He's not there to give handouts; he's there to take receipts and decide what gets reimbursed. He knows every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out, and he knows where his client is at all times.


He's none too pleased with this "floofy white girl" Shy impulsively decided to invite on as his opening act. And he sure as hell isn't impressed by her so-called manager who is in his face asking for money for professional headshots.

Susie feels blindsided by this bait and switch, especially one who treats her like she and her client are a pair of newbies who haven't earned his respect yet. But Reggie isn't stupid, they *are* newbies. He sees right through Susie, recognizing this is her first airplane ride. Even as she insists it's not, he gives her seltzer to settle her stomach.

And it's not like he only treats Midge and Susie like this. When Shy and his boys head out to the Vegas desert to have a little fun, the Reggie impressions start almost immediately by the rest of the band. They know he sees them as expendable, only Shy is irreplaceable.

He's not the nicest, but neither is showbiz. Everyone successful act needs a manager who will look out for the real number one: the Talent. Susie will hopefully learn a lot from him.