Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Should Know About Peter

ABC/John Fleenor

It's hard to beat a Bachelorette entrance that entailed a full pilot uniform and a miniature pair of wings, but Season 15's Peter has managed to surpass the high standards his limo arrival set. In Episode 3, he pulled off an Arie Luyendyk-esque kiss against a wall with Hannah Brown and opened up about the way his parents met, and although he hasn't scored a one-on-one date yet, it seems that it's only a matter of time before he wins that chance. Who is Peter on The Bachelorette? He's finally moved on from flying puns and is displaying his true self to Bachelor Nation.

27-year-old pilot Peter Weber has quickly become a fan favorite since landing at Bachelor Mansion in full aviation regalia. In the season's first few episodes, he often resorted to explaining his family history within the piloting profession, as his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant who liked the look of her future husband's rear end. On Instagram, Peter's handle is even @pilot_pete, and the page is filled with photos of himself in various kinds of planes with his dad and brother, who — surprise — is also a pilot.

So when he's not somewhere in the skies, what is Peter typically up to? His ABC bio reveals that he still lives at home, and based on Instagram pics, he certainly hangs out with Jack, his little brother, enough to prove that they can never be too close for comfort. Both men's accounts have their fair share of themselves traveling together, going to football games, and obviously flying side by side. All of that pilot talk on The Bachelorette may seem a bit much, but the Webers seriously love aviation. The family that flies together stays together!

Peter's bio also touches upon his love for line dancing, which sounds like one of those quirky hobbies that appears in a cast member's biography because a guy was desperate for originality. But there's even proof of this on Instagram via a video of Peter dancing with friends. Did ABC actually cast a man who says exactly what he means?

It's tricky for contestants to receive an equal amount of airtime when the mansion is still packed, but based on previews for June 3's episode, Peter is due for even more honest moments. While it appears that Jed and Tyler C. have the private dates this week, the promo clip also shows Peter during his own intimate moments with Hannah. "Your energy is so contagious," he tells her as they cuddle. The scene then cuts to Hannah in an interview, saying, "News flash — Peter's my boyfriend."

Seeing as Hannah's love-struck confession comes right before explosive drama involving Luke P. is teased, maybe Peter and Hannah's time together is particularly noteworthy. Until he gets the opportunity to fly her in a plane, I'm staying cool, but count me in as a fan of this budding romance. Get ready for Hannah's love to take off, Bachelor Nation!

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, June 3, on ABC.