Here's What Clubhouse Fans Need to Know About Pedro Pertile

Daisy Keech's clubhouse is off to a hot start. After announcing the launch of the TikTok collective on March 30, Keech has continued to add more and more seriously impressive internet personalities to the clubhouse, adding more clout with every new member that joins. Not all of the clubhouse members are recognizable names — just yet — so many people have been wondering who Pedro Pertile is.

Pertile made a striking entrance in the clubhouse's first YouTube video, where he described himself as "part media, part influencer." Sharing his excitement over the new collective, Pertile added: "We have so much crazy content to show you guys, we cannot wait to show you guys everything we have going on. Thank you so much for the support."

Just because Pertile is new to Keech's clubhouse along with Abby Rao, Chase Keith, Charly Jordan, Isaak Presley, Kinsey Wolanski, and Mariana Morias doesn't mean he's a social media novice. Pertile has long been entertaining fans with his fitness photos and epic adventures, making him a perfect fit for the clubhouse. In fact, he has 26,000 Instagram followers and 25,000+ TikTok fans already.

So before Pertile takes over the clubhouse with the creative content he promised, scroll down to learn a little more about him and what he does.

1. He's from Brazil.

In the "Welcome to the Clubhouse" video, Morias revealed both she and Pertile are native Brazilians. Check out their introduction at the 2:06-mark below.

2. He's all about staying fit.

Before becoming a social media celeb, Pertile was keen on showing off his toned midsection. He's always been a big fan of staying in shape, no matter what. Whether he was working out, posing for the camera, or hitting up the beach, many of Pertile's Instagram posts were all about the abs.

3. He's Athletic

His fitness modeling photos aren't just for show. Pertile stays in shape through boxing, hitting the gym, or playing sports. From his Instagram, it appears he used to compete in Motocross as well.

4. He's Dating Morias

It's unclear how long Pertile and Morias have been dating, but they do not shy away from flaunting their love on Instagram.

Pertile's PDA pics with Morias date back to November 2019, while Morias has been posting a ton of photos with her boyfriend in 2020.

5. He Loves Animals

These photos speak for themselves.

Now that fans know a little more about Pertile, make sure you follow him on Instagram and YouTube so you don't miss out on any of that exciting content he teased.