Jessica Jones' New Neighbor In Season 2 Has Fans Asking Questions

by Ani Bundel

Jessica Jones Season 1 ended with the death of Kilgrave, ridding Jessica and the world of a terrible monster of a person. It also rid Jessica of something else: her ex-boyfriend. This leaves her open to finally move on from that terrible time in her life, and maybe open up and trust someone again, though we know it will be a struggle for her to get there. That's where the new character comes in, who is a potential love interest, and dare we even say, a normal guy. Who is Oscar in Jessica Jones Season 2? And how are he and Jessica going to get to know each other?

It seems a little strange to think of Kilgrave as Jessica's ex-boyfriend since that suggests to the average person there was a mutual relationship between consenting adults going on between them, and we know that's not quite the case. Jessica was basically fighting Kilgrave's mind control for the entire relationship, desperately doing whatever she could to try and escape, only to have it backfire each time until she managed to have him hit by a bus.

But they were together, in a strange twisted way, and in Season 1 Kilgrave obviously thought of Jessica as "the one who got away." (Quite literally!) Jessica's experiences with Kilgrave are part of what makes her very hesitant to get into anything more serious than a one night stand in a bathroom stall. But all that may change this season when Oscar walks into her life.


Considering that Jessica doesn't get out that much, expect to spy and go to the bar, it's not surprising that the way she meets Oscar is when he moves into her apartment complex. He's the new Super of the building, a single dad with an adorable kid. The kid is immediately taken with Jessica, especially once she picked up their fridge almost single-handedly to move it out of her way. They live in a building with a real live superhero!

But Oscar isn't nearly as enamored with Jessica once she picks up that fridge. Turns out he's pretty anti-powered people, and in the first few episodes, he spends a lot of his time working to get her and Malcolm evicted, to rid himself of her and the unwanted attention they're bringing to his building.

So how on earth do these two wind up in the "will they or won't they" category? Jessica's sleuthing turns up pretty quickly why Oscar wants her out: He's only just out of jail himself, and he got the job as the Super by forging a green card for the building owner's boy toy. His parole status makes him very wary of any attention from cops, especially since his ex-wife will use it against him to get full custody of their kid.

But it's the kid that brings Jessica and Oscar together when Jessica saves him from falling out a window. The mother thinks Jessica's trying to harm her son, which only makes things worse. But once Oscar gets the truth of the situation, he rips up the eviction notice and even invites her to stay for dinner and meet his mom.

But even with things calmed between them, and their attraction to each other obvious to everyone else, both are still afraid of jumping in a relationship. He's worried about the ex-wife, about his kid, and what attention Jessica could bring to his family. She, on the other hand, is terrified of putting them in the direct path of danger, since someone is out to hurt her and the people she loves.

Can the two of them work around this conundrum? Or are they fated to be star-crossed could-have-beens?