Miss Appleyard In 'Riverdale'

These Tiny Details About 'Riverdale's New Cheer Coach Will Make Cheryl Fans See Red

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Riverdale is back, and it brought a whole lot of spirit with it. It was spirit week in the winter premiere of the hit CW teen drama, and that meant everyone was fully immersed in all their favorite school activities. Archie was playing football, Betty was digging into an investigative story for the Blue & Gold, and Cheryl was cheering everyone on with her fellow Vixens. However, when Cheryl was introduced to Miss Appleyard, the new cheer coach in Riverdale, she became quite a bit less cheery.

If there is one thing fans know about Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch), it's that she likes to be in charge. So, when Miss Appleyard (Emily Tennant) showed up and told Cheryl she'd be the one running things for the Vixens from now on, Cheryl was not pleased. Not only did Miss Appleyard pull a total Coach French from Dare Me in swooping in on the captain's squad, but she also dared insult the Vixens' usual song-and-dance routines. Sure those routines might not represent cheerleading in its purest form, but they're undeniably entertaining. Of course, Cheryl decided to fight to keep her Vixens the way she loves them: in the palm of her hand.

The CW

Power struggles aside, Miss Appleyard's biggest faux pas came in the form of her fashion choices. Everyone at Riverdale High knows red is Cheryl's signature color, but the new coach dared to make her introduction in an offensive crimson outfit. Even worse, Appleyard later showed up to practice in a shirt that read "HCIC," which is a total ripoff of Cheryl's famed "HBIC" shirt. It was clear Miss Appleyard was pulling out all the stops to take over Cheryl's squad, and maybe even mess with her head too.

But little did Miss Appleyard know, Cheryl always comes out on top. Even after the rest of the Vixens agreed to perform the coach's new routines instead of carrying out Cheryl's planned coup, Cheryl managed to lock Appleyard in a classroom to keep her from attending the big game. That way, Cheryl was able to once again run the Vixens the way she wanted to, saucy song-and-dance numbers and all.

Season 4 of Riverdale continues on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.