Coach Colette French on 'Dare Me'

Fans Have 1 Big Question After Watching The Series Premiere Of 'Dare Me'

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The new USA drama series Dare Me begins with the character Addy saying in voice over, "There’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls. Coach said that once." Well, after watching the action-packed and haunting pilot episode, a lot of fans are wondering if Coach needs to heed her own advice. Some of the darkest scenes in the show might hint that Coach French dies in Dare Me, and the mystery is super intense. Warning: Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 1 of Dare Me follow.

Dare Me introduces audiences to the cutthroat world of small-town high school cheerleaders. If that sounds low-key to you, then you are severely underestimating these cheerleaders. The squad is led by Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly), a tough girl with a big work hard/play hard attitude. With her bestie Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola) at her side, Beth takes full advantage of all the power her role as cheer captain gives her. Well, she holds on to that power until Coach Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald) arrives in town to coach the cheer squad. She immediately shakes things up by putting the girls through a tough training regimen. She also takes away Beth's position at the top of the pyramid, which is enough to set Beth off into a dangerous spiral.

At the beginning of the first episode of Dare Me, viewers get a flash to three months in the future, when Addy is parked in front of Coach's house. She has blood all over her phone and several text messages from Beth demanding her attention. It's all pretty ominous, and it hints that something grim is happening. Since Beth and Coach French already have an intense rivalry going, it would make sense if Beth takes it to another super-violent level. After all, she does pull a gun out in the middle of a party, so audiences already know she's capable of pushing the limits of danger.

Then again, Coach French is pretty tough herself, and she could end up being the perpetrator of violence rather than on the receiving end of it. At the end of the first episode, Beth and Addy catch Coach French sleeping with the school’s Marine recruiter, Sarge Will (Zach Roerig), in the middle of the woods, which is pretty big deal since he is not her husband. There's a good chance that Coach French's affair has a lot to do with the foreshadowed violence. But only time will tell as more episodes reveal more dark secrets.

Season 1 of Dare Me continues on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020 at 10 p.m. ET on USA.