Michelle is a new character on 'Dead to Me' Season 2.

Here's What We Know About Judy's New Love Interest In 'Dead To Me' Season 2


If you thought Jen and Judy's lives were going to get easier with Steve finally out of the picture, you were dead wrong. With a corpse now looming over their consciences in Season 2, the duo struggled to keep their heads above water more than ever, and some new characters could pose a serious threat to their cover-up. One of those new characters is Michelle, and after a few episodes, viewers may be wondering who Michelle on Dead to Me really is, and what she might be up to.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Dead to Me Season 2. Judy first met Michelle when the latter was helping check her mother into the senior living center where Judy works. Michelle's mom was understandably resistant to move into her new room, but Judy proved helpful in easing the transition, and although their first meeting was pretty awkward, since Judy was clearly rummaging through the room when Michelle and her mom came in, things quickly smoothed over. It turned out, Judy was hunting for a box of valuables her recently deceased friend Abe had left for her, including the keys to his car and a stash of weed. Luckily, Michelle found the box and handed it over to Judy. Thus, a friendship was born.


After that, the two women began bonding more and more, each time they ran into one another at the senior living center, and eventually had up regular smoking sessions together in Judy's car. Not long after that, Michelle invited Judy for a meal at her restaurant, revealing she is a chef. At the dinner, it became clear Michelle and Judy had a romantic connection, which was emphasized by Michelle giving Judy a moonstone — which, if you know Judy, is a very Judy gift.

Issues started to emerge during their next hangout, though, when Michelle and Judy ran into Judy's former fling Nick at a food truck. Nick was understandably upset with Judy after she abruptly left him at the end of Season 1, and he made his anger very clear with some pointed, passive-aggressive comments. Despite the awkward encounter, Michelle and Judy finally kissed one another and then went back to Michelle's place for the night... where the big twist was revealed.

Earlier on, Michelle told Judy she still lived with her ex-girlfriend, and in a sick turn of events, it turned out that roomie/ex was actually Ana Perez, the detective investigating Steve's disappearance, who has been suspicious of Judy from the start. Obviously, neither Judy nor Ana were happy to see one another the next morning, and when Judy revealed the news to Jen, her friend forbade her from seeing Michelle again for fear of Ana learning the truth about Steve.

The second season left things pretty ambiguous for Judy and Michelle's future. Judy broke up with Michelle, but then they came to a bit of an understanding afterward. Plus, Ana actually came around to helping Jen out in the end, which seemed to get rid of the main roadblock to Judy and Michelle's relationship. If Dead to Me gets renewed for a third season, then it might actually include a positive, fulfilling relationship for Judy. Then again, this show loves a good twist, so who knows what might happen with Michelle.