Westworld III

Here's Everything 'Westworld' Fans Need To Know About Dolores' New Boyfriend

by Ani Bundel

If there's one thing Westworld has consistently done better than any HBO show, it's marketing. Entire in-show set websites have been created on the real internet for fans to interact with; secret trailers are hidden away for enterprising fans to discover. For Season 3, Westworld created a web presence for the in-world company Incite, a Delos competitor, complete with buzzword-laden video starring company founder Liam Dempsey Sr. But when the show opens, it's not Senior, but Junior who takes center stage as Dolores' new boyfriend. So who is Liam Dempsey Jr. on Westworld? Warning: Spoilers for the Westworld III season premiere follow.

The younger Liam does not know he's dating Dolores, killer host android from the Westworld park built by Incite's main competitor. He thinks she's Lara Espin, a successful businesswoman from a small town in western America, who he met in Burma a month before the new season began. She's a perfect fit among his rich boy pals. He never once suspects she's put a bug on him and can hear his every word.

He has no idea that she follows him to his meetings with shareholders, using high tech sunglasses to spy on them. He has no idea she knows the shareholders accuse him of there being a leak inside Incite, testing the project known as Rehoboam. And he certainly has no idea his new girl is the one who's trying to gain access.

Rehoboam is a large globe-like structure floating in the middle of Incite, with tiny square lights that flash on and off like office windows. According to the Liam Dempsey Sr. commercial above, it is going to save the world via algorithms, computing the most optimal path for every human being who signs up for the program.

Caught out, Dolores needs a different access point. She coos at Liam; he can trust her with his secrets. But that way lies failure. He doesn't have any. Liam can look at the top layer of data, but he has no access.

Dempsey never trusted his son with the inner workings of Rehoboam. After Senior died, his partner locked the kid out. But when Lara asks who that is, Liam says something odd. He says if he were going to tell her, Rehoboam would already know, and he would be dead, "just like my father."


But before anyone can unpack that paranoid suggestion of corporate murder, Conells, Liam's body man, walks in and knocks out Dolores. His investigations uncovered "Lara" is a dead 12-year-old from Ukraine. Conells has no idea who Dolores is, but he decrypted a text she sent, saying she was going to "lure him out tonight." To keep Liam and the company safe, he's going to get rid of her.

But Conells misread which "him" Dolores meant. He assumes she was talking about Liam. But she wakes up and starts murdering everyone; she takes careful pleasure in chasing Conells towards a specific location. Trapped, Conells tells her whatever she wants, including the name of the company partner: Serac.

Conells then looks up and sees himself, a host version Dolores created. She wasn't luring Liam out; she was after Conells. Liam will continue as a useless figurehead, unknowingly under host control. And Dolores can move on to the next stage of the plan.