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Who Is Kenzie Ziegler's "Donuts" About? She Got Real About The Inspiration — EXCLUSIVE

In recent years, Kenzie Ziegler has pivoted far away from being a reality TV star of Dance Moms to slaying as an actor and a recording artist. The multi-talented singer dropped a new collab called "Donuts" with producer Yung Bae on Nov. 18, and it's a must-listen for Ziegler's Day 1 fans. Not only does she have a new bop under her belt, but Ziegler filmed an epic music video for "Donuts" as well, and it's required viewing.

"Donuts" is a high-energy anthem that'll have you up and dancing around your bedroom. Despite its title, however, the track has nothing to do with food. The song is all about getting mixed signals in a relationship, which will undoubtedly have fans wondering if it's about one of Ziegler's exes or a rumored boyfriend. But Ziegler says not to read into the lyrics too much.

"It's not based on any specific person," Ziegler tells Elite Daily. "I feel like it's just about boys that don't really know what they want. I feel like boys and girls are really different. Girls fall super fast, and guys are sometimes players, and I feel like this song is just me being like, 'What do you want?'"

The "Donuts" video shows Ziegler chowing down at a '50s-style drive-in diner, before hitting up Dunkin' for dessert, which, of course, consisted of a box of donuts. If it looks like Ziegler had a ball shooting the video, it's because she did. According to Ziegler, it was the most fun visual she's ever filmed. Much like her last music video for "Exhale" ft. Sia, Ziegler enlisted several of her besties to appear in the video, which brought good vibes to the set. "When I'm with my friends it's always such a fun time, and it's so genuine and authentic. I'm glad I got to have them be part of it," she says.

But filming "Donuts" during the COVID-19 pandemic had its fair share of challenges. "It was obviously very different because, with everything going on, there were a lot of restrictions," Ziegler says. "But I'm so glad it was a safe set."

Check out Ziegler's new video for "Donuts" below.

Ziegler's music career began with her 2014 album, Mack Z, which she followed up in 2018 with Phases. Now that she's embarking on a new chapter, she knows Yung Bae, who recently linked up with Wiz Khalifa and MAX on their hit "Bad Boy," was the perfect collaborator for "Donuts."

"He's so great," Ziegler says. "He has the coolest style, and he's so genuine. I loved working with him ... because he's so talented and it was amazing having him [be] part of this song."

Karina Tran

With more than 19 million fans on TikTok and another 15 million watching her every move on Instagram, Ziegler's dedicated fanbase just keeps growing. With the release of "Donuts," she's bound to pick up many more.