Here's Everything To Know About Your Fave Gymnast TikToker Kellianne Stankus

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kelianne Stankus might be a relatively new TikTok star, but she's no stranger to the spotlight. In fact, Stankus' background is a lot different than most of the internet celebs you follow. Stankus already has professional athlete accolades and once performed a floating gymnastics routine to a Justin Bieber song on live TV, and those are just two of the facts you should know about TikToker Kelianne Stankus.

The California native's nickname is "Sleepybear," according to her USA Gymnastics bio, and, once upon a time, her favorite show was One Tree Hill. Stankus has two siblings, Cody and Lucas, but these are just a few random facts about the mega-talented TikTok star.

Career-wise, Stankus got her start as a dancer and gymnast. Stankus worked her way up to being a member of the prestigious USA National Acrobatic Gymnastics team, where she competed in San Jose in 2011 and in Florida the following year. Prior to those appearances, Stankus won gold at the Freedom Cup in 2005.

More recently, Stankus wowed fans during a 2015 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a member of The Acrobots, the "first ever acrobatic hoverboard dance group." Stankus and the other Acrobots performed a unique and high-energy acrobatic performance of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" on hoverboards.

Stankus has now taken her talents to TikTok, where she has over 5.2 million fans and isn't afraid to show off her dance moves.

Stankus is not only friends with, but also collabs with, other TikTokers like Tayler Holder and Nate Wyatt.

Stankus posts breathtaking photos of herself and her boyfriend, Chase Mattson, all the time on Instagram, where she has close to 600,000 followers. Mattson, a male model, also has a big following of his own, with close to 170,000 IG followers.

Stankus and Mattson clearly have an adventurous side and are often exploring different locations and documenting them on camera.

While Stankus is clearly dedicated to fitness and health, she also appears to love indulging in comfort foods, like pizza and ice cream, every once in a while.

Stankus is a member of the Hype House, so there's no doubt fans will be seeing a lot more of her on TikTok as the days go by.