Jason Momoa and Hera Hilmar in See

"The Man Who Is A God" Plays An Important Role In 'See'

by Ani Bundel

When Apple TV+ first revealed its lineup for launch day, one of the most ambitious shows in the batch was See. Hundreds of years after a virus wiped out 99% of the Earth's population and struck the survivors blind, humans live in small hunter-gatherer tribes, until one day, a pair of twins are born with the power of sight. But the story it turned out is far more complex, once it added Jerlamarel. So who is Jerlamarel in See? Warning: Spoilers for See follow.

The trailers and the PR ahead of the show's release are heavily edited to make it seem like the two children born with sight are the children of Jason Momoa's character Baba Voss. But this isn't true. He's the father who raises them, but he's not their bio-dad.

Baba Voss is married to Maghra (Hera Hilmar). She's a strong and intelligent woman, but the kids she carries aren't his. She was already pregnant when Voss' Alkenny tribe found her. Her story is their birth father found her in a blizzard, rescued her, and impregnated her before vanishing. His name was Jerlamarel.

Voss was unmarried and had no heirs. As the head of his tribe, he knew he needed to fix that, and Maghra needed protection. Theirs was a marriage of convenience, but since then has become a love match.

Paris, the Alkenny's healer and mystic, doesn't believe Maghra's story and knows there's more to this Jerlamarel, which becomes even more obvious when the Alkenny find themselves under attack from the Witchfinder General, sent by Queen Kane to search out Jerlamarel and any spawn he might have sired. (She claims he killed her sister, but it seems pretty obvious that's not the case.) In their moment of need, Jerlamarel sends word to follow his instructions, then builds a rope bridge, over which the Alkenny escape.

In case it isn't apparent by now, Jerlamarel's secret is that he, like his children, can see. His vision gives him the ability to do things like "shoot a brown bear from ten paces," which are impossible for everyone else. Because of that, they think of him as a "Man Who Is A God."

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Jerlamarel charges Baba Voss to raise his children and keep them safe. When they turn 12, Voss is to give them a truck of books, which will inspire them to change the world.

But that's easier said than done. The children grow up learning to hide their sighted ways, as vision is outlawed and feared. But traitors among their village send messages to the Witchfinder General, hoping he'll find them. And Maghra isn't sure she wants her children to read, fearing for their safety and their lives.

Then there are the kids themselves, Kofun and Haniwa. Jerlamarel hoped they take the right messages from the books he left them, but it's not clear Haniwa does. With Queen Kane still searching for Jerlamarel and his children, how long until the Alkenny find themselves caught in a war over who has vision and who does not?