Taylor Swift May Have Formed A Fake Band To Release A New Version Of “Look What You Made Me Do”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans can always count on Taylor Swift to surprise them with something to celebrate when they're least expecting it. On Sunday, May 24, Swift publicly praised a cover of her hit song "Look What You Made Me Do," which led Swifties to dig into the unknown band who covered it — and what they found was very interesting. Basically, every Swiftie was wondering: Who is Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club? The mysterious band may actually be Swift's most surprising move yet.

The haunting cover played during the latest episode of Killing Eve, and it didn't take long for Swift to share her excitement on social media. "VERY STOKED about this cover of lwymmd on @KillingEve by Jack leopards & the dolphin club!!" Swift tweeted.

Obviously, fans were intrigued and quickly speculated it was Swift's latest jab at Scooter Braun amid their ongoing feud. Quick recap: Braun and Big Machine Records recently acquired Swift's music back catalog, aka they retained ownership of her first six albums. By having a band she's not in cover "Look What You Made Me Do," Swift seemingly stopped Braun and BMR from retaining any royalties from the track appearing on Killing Eve.

Fans backed up their speculation by pointing out a variety of reasons they believe Swift is behind the cover of her song. One being that other than "Look What You Made Me Do," Jack Leopards and The Dolphin Club have no other songs listed on their Spotify, hinting at the fact they aren't a real band.

Courtesy of Taylor Swift on Instagram

On top of that, Swift's alleged songwriting alias, Nils Sjoberg, is credited as a producer on Jack Leopards and The Dolphin Club's cover. Swift previously used the name to help write Calvin Harris and Rihanna's 2016 song, "This Is What You Came For." (Nils Sjoberg was also the name used on a tombstone in Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.)

Next up is the speculation that Swift's brother, Austin, is the vocalist on Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club's cover. Austin's previous Twitter name was "The Dolphin Club," but has since been changed to "AustinSwift7." Austin was seen in studio with Swift and producer Jack Antonoff in December 2019, so there's a possibility that the cover was being recorded back then, since Antonoff is also credited as a producer on the cover.

Check out what fans are saying about the "Look What You Made Me Do" cover below.

Only time will tell if Swift opens up about this speculation, but for now, this whole ordeal is giving Swifties life.