'Riverdale' Added A New Character For Season 4 & She Sounds Badass

CW, Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There will be another new face in Riverdale when CW's dark teen drama returns for its fourth season, and as of right now, it is not clear whether it will be a friendly one or yet another new adversary. Actress Mishel Prada is officially joining the cast for Riverdale Season 4 as the confident and calculating private investigator Hermosa, per The Hollywood Reporter. So, just who is Hermosa on Riverdale? Not much is known about the new character, but Prada's casting announcement does offer some hints.

Prada, who is best known for starring as Emma in the Starz drama Vida, is set to recur in Riverdale Season 4 as Hermosa. The Hollywood Reporter's casting announcement described Hermoas as "a Miami-born and -raised private investigator who arrives in town in classic femme fatale fashion. Hermosa is confident, ambitious and calculating — and knows that everything comes with a price." While this description does not seem to reveal much about the new character, it does sound like Hermosa may be part of one of the storylines newly introduced in the Season 3 finale.

As fans will recall (and spoiler alert if you still haven't watched the Riverdale Season 3 finale), last season ended with the big reveal of Betty's long-lost brother Charles Smith. And in yet another twist, Charles revealed he is an FBI agent who has secretly been working with his mom Alice to infiltrate the mysterious new cult The Farm. Of course, the big problem is that The Farm's leader Edgar Evernever skipped town with his cult at the end of Season 3, bringing Alice along with him.


Lili Reinhart has already confirmed Betty will be working alongside Charles in Season 4 to try to track down her cult-abducted mother. Since Hermosa is a private investigator, maybe she will be introduced as part of Charles' team and will help Betty and Charles on their quest to take down The Farm and save Alice. The biggest issue with this theory, though, is that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed The Farm storyline will be wrapped up by Episode 3 of the new season, so it sounds like Hermosa would not have much to do in Season 4 if her sole purpose was tracking down The Farm.

What may be an even more plausible theory is that Hermosa could be the mysterious relative of Veronica's that Camila Mendes teased would arrive at the start of Season 4 during the cast's Comic-Con panel. Mendes did not really reveal anything about this new family member aside from the fact that Veronica did not know she existed before meeting her in this new season, but since Season 3 ended with both of her parents in jail, it seems likely that the previously unknown relative is coming to town to look after Veronica. Tellingly, the casting announcement does not reveal Hermosa's last name, since announcing her as Hermosa Lodge would totally give away her character. And of course, the Lodges are also the most prominent and proud Latinx characters in Riverdale, so if Hermosa is indeed related to anyone in town, the Lodge family is the best bet.

Fans will just have to keep theorizing about who Hermosa may be until it is finally revealed when Riverdale Season 4 premieres on Oct. 9.