Eve on 'A Million Little Things'

This New 'A Million Little Things' Character Is A HUGE Deal For Rome & Regina

ABC/Jack Rowand

Rome and Regina are the rock-solid couple of A Million Little Things, sticking together through everything life has thrown at them thus far. Their latest storyline — adopting a baby — sounds like a much happier venture than what they're dealt with in the past, but it's not without its challenges. This was confirmed in the Feb. 13 episode, when A Million Little Things introduced Eve, who is, from the looks of it, going to play a big role in both characters' lives.

In Season 2, Episode 13, titles "Daisy," Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) got some great news: There's a pregnant woman not far from them who wants to meet with them, and possibly allow them to adopt her baby. Both potential parents were giddy with excitement, especially since they weren't expecting to be selected so soon. Things only got better when they met with the birth mother, a friendly young woman named Eve (Ebboney Wilson, who you might recognize as Kym from Legacies), who they immediately hit it off with. But all three characters seemed to click with one another — despite (or maybe partly because of) Rome's nervous awkwardness — it soon became clear there was something up with Eve. When Regina and Rome asked her about the unborn baby's father, she clammed up, telling them the father is not in her life. When they pressed her on it, Eve told them she didn't know the guy well, adding that she hadn't seen him since she got pregnant.

ABC/Jack Rowand

But it wasn't that simple. Rome and Regina found out from their scocial worker that the birth father could file legal claim over the child, which could cause their adoption fall through. Regina seemed ready to walk away from the whole situation, saying her gut was telling her things weren't right, but Rome said Eve was "perfect" and reminded Regina how lucky they were to be matched with a birth mother so quickly. He even started doubting Regina's desire to have a baby, though she quickly shut that down, and reminded him of what they told one another: "The one thing we agreed on was that this baby would bring us together, not tear us apart."

Though the couple agreed to let go of Eve, Eve was not ready to let go of them, and she asked to meet up with them again. They did, and that's when Eve told Rome and Regina the truth: She had actually been dating the father of her baby for a year and a half, but she ran away from him when she found out she was pregnant, implying he was abusive toward her. After hearing all this, Rome and Regina were back on board with Eve, totally understanding why she was cagey about the father before.

However, this isn't the end of of the drama. The final scene of the Feb. 13 episode showed Eve getting a call from someone named Derek Jones. She quickly ignored it, and then got back to work rolling silverware at her job, anxiously looking over her shoulder while doing so. Fans will have to keep watching A Million Little Things on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC to see what happens next.