This 'Iron Fist' Character Just Showed Up In 'Luke Cage' & She Plays A Vital Role

by Ani Bundel

Though Luke Cage is a standalone series, now that all of Marvel's Defenders have met each other, some of them have formed fast friendships. And Luke isn't exactly a stranger to crossovers, either. He started out on Jessica Jones' first season as a love interest before heading down to Harlem to form his own series. His girlfriend, Claire Temple, has been on every show except The Punisher. So, is it all that surprising secondary characters from other shows are turning up on Luke Cage? That being said, who is Colleen in Luke Cage? And which show did she come from? Warning: Spoilers for Luke Cage Season 2 follow.

Colleen Wing, played by Jessica Hardwick, actually is the leading female role in Marvel's Iron Fist, the show that debuted after Luke Cage's first season. She's a martial arts expert and runs her own dojo in New York City. She was accidentally kind to Danny Rand once when he was down and out after returning to New York from K'un-Lun, and wound up dating him by the end of the series.

But Wing has had her own share of problems. She was once a loyal soldier of The Hand back before she knew Danny, recruited by Bakuto, and when Madame Gao revealed this allegiance, she was forced to choose between those who she served with and Danny.


When the characters from all four series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) met each other during The Defenders, Colleen found herself hitting it off with Luke Cage's Misty Knight, the detective who brought them all in to protect them from The Hand. She managed to get Misty to give her back her katana, and then headed to Midland Circle with Misty not far behind. Colleen found herself once again confronted by Bakuto before Misty came in shooting. But in saving her and Claire Temple, Misty got her arm sliced off.

When Luke Cage Season 2 begins, Misty is now one-armed, feeling like she can't fight, and no one in the precinct respects her anymore. Is it really all that surprising when she books herself some time with Colleen as a trainer to help her get back into shape? Not only is Colleen a trained professional who teaches martial arts, but with Colleen, there's no need for anyone to ask Misty what happened and how she lost her arm. Colleen was there. She knows.

Colleen, meanwhile, knows very well that Misty is a great fighter. She's stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her. Misty is, for all intents and purposes, part of the new army Colleen joined when she started dating Danny. To her, Misty's throwing herself off balance with only one arm, and her failure to see herself as a fighter isn't because she's had an arm chopped off. It's because she's not seeing herself as a fighter since it happened.

That's why after a day of physical therapy training, Colleen gets a brainwave to take Misty out to the bar and have a few drinks. It will loosen the woman up, and make her forget she's not a badass fighter.

To be fair, the bar patrons are quite useful in stepping up, when one turns out to be the brother of someone Misty put away in jail. All of a sudden, Colleen's plan is going better than she hoped, with Misty taking down the guy who's threatening to beat her with a cue stick. In fact, Colleen just sits back and watches as Misty holds her own against two of them. But when the numbers up themselves to three or four, she jumps down off the bar stool and the two women make quick work of all four useless men.

But that's not all Colleen's got up her sleeve. Because the engineers at Rand Corporation have designed a little something Misty might be interested in trying out.