Brandon from 'A Double Shot At Love'

Here's Everything We Know About Brandon On 'Double Shot At Love'

DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino have switched things up for the second season of their MTV show Double Shot at Love. Some of their ex-contestants from Season 1 are back, but they also brought on some new friends to join them in their Las Vegas penthouse. When the new season premiered on June 11, fans met three guys who became part of the cast, and one in particular has already made serious waves on the show. So, who is Brandon on Double Shot At Love? Here's the lowdown on this new dude.

After failing to find lasting romance in Season 1, Pauly D and Vinny decided to shift gears a bit; now, they're just looking to have a good time with some fun people. Yes, some of those people may be ex-girlfriends from their last attempts to fall in love — Brittani "B-Lashes" Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese, Nikki Hall, and Suzi Baidya — but they're all on good terms now... for the most part.

Derynn is the one who brought in new cast member Brandon Stakemann onto the show; the two became close while hitting the club scene in New Jersey. (She also brought along the two other guys on the show, Antonio Locke and Nicky Curd.)

Brandon is a 28-year-old event host from Manalapan, New Jersey. According to his MTV bio, he prides himself on being a "lovable douche" and thinks of himself as the life of the party, so fans already knew he'd be one to watch before the season even aired.

Sure enough, Brandon made a big impact right off the bat. In Episode 2, he hooked up with Marissa, and although he didn't think it was a big deal, Pauly D made it clear the choice was "a disaster" that could set off a ton of drama going forward in the season.

As Vinny put it: "When you hook up with somebody in the house, it definitely can cause problems," he said, alluding to issues he's "still dealing with" after getting with his Jersey Shore housemate Angelina Pivarnick 10 years ago.


So, will that be the case for Brandon, or will whatever happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas? Only time will tell.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.