Becca Sent 2 Guys Home On 'The Bachelorette' & Now There Are Only 4 Left

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelorette Season 14 is getting to what I respectfully refer to as "the good part." The crucial stretch is officially around the corner, people. Becca has been through a long, strange trip on this romantic journey so far — it actually feels like she's spent the majority of the process consoling the guys or intervening so they'll stop fighting. Regardless of how we (as in Bachelor Nation) got here, the final four is upon us. Who goes home on The Bachelorette week 7? Becca narrowed down her suitors from six to four and you know what that means... It's off to hometowns!

Week 7 was all about really getting to know the remaining guys before taking the whole time-to-meet-the-families step. The Becca bunch headed to the Bahamas for some fun and drama in the sun. After last week's Virigina date and that whole mess of a Beccalection situation, everyone deserved a real vacation. But The Bachelorette isn't exactly a holiday — it's still a competition for everyone involved. Even Becca, who struggled with the prospect of making serious decisions this late in the game. The leading lady ended up facing three one-on-ones and just one group date during her time in the Caribbean, and tension, chemistry, and "love" all filled the humid Bahamanian air.

Becca had extra quality moments with Garrett, Blake, and Colton this week. She frolicked on the sand, swayed to the sounds of the Baha Men (who let 1999 out?), and got to get a better sense of the guys before possibly meeting their families.

Becca's date with Colton heated up big time and the football player had the chance to open up to her about his feelings and the fact that he's a virgin. After all that Tia nonsense, the pair got even closer. Aaaand Colton was the first guy to solidify a hometown.

Garrett and Becca also continued to strengthen their connection. They took a sea plane, couldn't keep their hands off one another, and Garrett went deeper into his discussing his past relationship. Garrett gets the second rose!

After Blake expressed frustration that he was worried he might not have time with Becca, he was granted a coveted 1-one-1 as well. They explored the Bahamas and ended up at a rockin' beach party with who else? The Baha Men. Then Blake had the opportunity to speak openly about his parents' divorce and how it affected him. He also dropped an "I'm in love with you, Becca" (note how he didn't use the word "falling"), which prompted Becca to confidently give him the third rose in question.

"My heart just recognizes his," Becca said, before admitting to the camera that she and him were on the "same page."

Unfortunately, the show switched things up this week and scrapped a rose ceremony. This meant the 1-on-1 dates and the group date roses would decide the suitors' futures.

Wills, Jason, and Leo had to share a tense 3-on-1 which was basically just a series of last-chance one-on-one convos so Becca could make her pick. Wills explained to Becca how much he wanted her to meet his amazing family, Jason told her he saw "happiness" and "laughter" when he's with her, and Leo got to tell her more about his "truth." Becca then got honest about how she and Leo aren't necessarily in the same place as the other contestants going into hometowns. Thus, he did not get a rose. It's sad to see those luscious locks go!

With just one rose left, Becca sat down to an awkward candlelit dinner with Wills and Jason. After heart-to-hearts with both of the guys, she made "the biggest decision she's made so far." Sadly, she ended up saying goodbye to Wills.

"I wanted to be there with you. I wanted to feel the exact same things you were feeling and it just wasn't quite there," she told him as he broke down in tears.

"I'm absolutely wrecked right now," a heartbroken Wills said in the limo.

Now I'm crying.

And then there were four. Pack your bags, Bachelor Nation. It's time to meet some potential in-laws.