Here's Everyone Who Went Home During 'The Bachelorette' Week 2

ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelorette Hannah knows her way around a competition. Not only did she compete for Colton's heart in Season 23 of The Bachelor, but she was also crowned Miss Alabama in November 2017 and went on to compete for the title of Miss USA 2018. This week, on Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, she gave the men a little taste of that competitive life that she's used to. About half the guys showed off their talents in a Mr. Right beauty pageant-style competition, while a bunch of others duked it out in a roller derby. But, as is the case in any competition, there are winners and there are losers, and not everyone could get a rose. So who goes home on The Bachelorette Week 2? Hannah gave roses out to 19 men, and she sent three men packing.

In Week 2, the men were fighting for Hannah's attention with everything they've got. In the Mr. Right competition, eight of the men strutted their stuff in Speedo bathing suits. It was scary for a lot of them, but they had some help from world-famous drag queens Alaska and Alyssa Edwards, and runway coach Miss J. Alexander of America’s Next Top Model fame. The talent portion of the competition was filled with a wide spectrum of special skills, from walking in heels to riding a unicycle. But, two guys stole the show: Luke P. presented his talent of sharing his feelings by professing his love for Hannah, while Jed crooned to the strumming of his guitar with a song he wrote himself. Luke P. was named Mr. Right, but Jed ended the group date with the real prize of a rose.

After Tyler's adventurous one-on-one date riding in a helicopter and on ATVs with Hannah, the next group date set out for the roller rink. The roller derby date turned out to be a bit more dangerous than the pageant, since Dustin fell and left the rink with a sprained ankle. But, it was all worth it for him since he was given that group date rose.

The real star of the roller derby group date, though, was someone who wasn't even invited on it. Even though he didn't get a date card this week, Cam crashed it and surprised Hannah with flowers. While Hannah seemed happy to see him, the rest of the guys were not very pleased that he took away from their time on the date. It didn't phase Cam, though, since he pulled a similar move during the cocktail party by interrupting Kevin's alone time with Hannah to bring her some chicken nuggets. It all paid off for Cam, who ended this week with a rose.

Three of the other guys weren't so lucky. It was a stressful rose ceremony for Hannah, who cried as she told all the men, "It's hard to make decisions when I don't know all of you that well." But, nevertheless, she sent Matthew Spraggins, Connor Jenkins, and Daron Blaylock home. Of the rose-less men, Matthew was the only one who didn't get to go on a date with Hannah this week. Maybe if he had brought her some surprise chicken nuggets like Cam, things could have turned out differently for him.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues on Monday, May 27 at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.