Here's How All The Backstreet Boys Met Their Incredible Wives

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Backstreet's back, alright! The '90s boy band made their comeback in 2018 (well, they never really went anywhere, but I digress) and snagged a Grammy nomination in the process. So now that they're not teens in a boy band — they're grown men in a boy band! — who are the Backstreet Boys' wives? And are their wives cooler than they are? Probably!

The Backstreet Boys were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards for their song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," and all of their wives accompanied them to the show to celebrate.

All of the members of the Backstreet Boys have been with their respective partners for a while now. The five couples all post regularly to their Instagrams, oftentimes sharing photos of their wives and families.

So let's meet the women who are the Backstreet Boys' fires.

Brian and Leighanne Littrell

Brian and Leigh Anne (whose maiden name is Wallace) actually met in a way that every fandom member dreams of: on the set of a music video. Yup, the future husband and wife met on the set of "As Long As You Love Me" in 1997. They started dating not long after and got married in Atlanta in 2000. They share a son named Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell, who is now 16 years old.

Kevin and Kristin Richardson

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Believe it or not, Kristin and Kevin Richardson knew each other before Richardson became a Backstreet Boy. The two were both working as characters at Disney World when they met. He was Aladdin, she was Belle. Can I make it any more obvious? Wait... wrong '90s singer.

Anyways, the two got married in 2000 like Brian and Leigh Anne Littrell, and they have two sons named Mason, 12, and Maxwell, 6.

Howie Dorough and Leigh Boniello

These two lovebirds also met through their experiences with the Backstreet Boys. Boniello, a film producer, was working on a project with the group in 2000 when she met Howie. They got engaged in 2006, and married in 2007. They had their first son, James, in 2009, and their second, Holden, in 2013.

A.J. McLean and Rochelle DeAnna McLean

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A.J. did it up big when he proposed to his hairstylist wife in 2010. The two got married in a goth-themed wedding in 2011 in Los Angeles (this brings me great joy), and they now have two daughters: Ava, 7, and Lyric, 2.

Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt-Carter

Nick Carter was the last of the Backstreet Boys to get married. He and fitness expert/actress Lauren Kitt-Carter first met on a blind date, then they dated for about four years. Carter proposed in Florida in 2013, they got married in 2014, and they welcomed their son, Odin, in 2016.

Here's all of the Backstreet Boys with all of their wives at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The joy that this picture brings me cannot be quantified in words. Now can the Backstreet Boys pull a Jonas Brothers and make a music video starring all their wives? K? Thanks.