You Could Win A $5,000 Diamond Ring With This White Castle Giveaway

Courtesy Of White Castle

Whether or not you're getting married anytime soon, there's no shame in wanting a diamond ring anyway. They're incredibly elegant, and — let's be real — they're a super shiny addition to your bling selection. So, you'll be happy to know that popular burger chain White Castle is giving fans the chance to win one for themselves. That's right — winning White Castle's Dr. Pepper Ring Thing Giveaway could significantly step up your bling game.

In case you haven't heard, White Castle is now offering deals on its ring-shaped nuggets called Chicken Rings. According to the press release, the deal includes 12 Chicken Rings for $2.99 (or $3.99 in New York and New Jersey restaurants), or 20 Chicken Rings for $5.49 (or $5.89 in New York and New Jersey restaurants). And, while the deal is a fantastic value by itself, the chain is celebrating by giving away a $5,000 diamond ring, as well as a selection of other awesome prizes. All you have to do is order a portion of Chicken Rings before Aug. 31, 2019. Easy, right?

You can officially enter the giveaway as of June 27, and doing so is easy. According to the official rules, start out by ordering a serving of Chicken Rings along with a soft drink of any size. Then, take a picture of your receipt, and upload it to the Ring Thing Giveaway website. That will be your first valid entry, which will earn you a small order of fries, as well as the chance to win the Grand Prize, which is a $5,000 "halo-style" diamond ring.

Courtesy Of White Castle

Ain't she a beaut?

Anyway, if you'd rather enter via snail mail, doing so is possible. According to the official rules, simply upload an image of your receipt, hand print your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, email address, and your date of birth on a 3-inch by 5-inch piece of paper. Then, mail it in an envelope to following address:

Dr Pepper Ring Thing Giveaway c/o HelloWorld, Inc.

P.O. Box 5941 Department 840322

Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5941

If you don't end up winning the Grand Prize, you can still take home one of the 100 First Place Prizes, which include a pair of limited edition Chicken Ring Earrings, according to the press release. Then, there are 200 Second Place Prizes, which will include a coupon for a Crave Case of 30 sliders; as well as 400 Third Place Prizes, which will also get you a sack of 10 Original Sliders; and 400 Fourth Place Prizes, which will get you a limited edition Chicken Ring pop socket. And, all you have to do to enter is treat yourself to Chicken Rings.

White Castle

The winner will be drawn randomly as of Sept. 12, according to the official rules, and they will be notified via email, phone, or mail. Just keep in mind that anyone who enters must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years or older.

In the press release, White Castle’s vice president, Jamie Richardson, said the chain is known for its sliders, but its Chicken Rings deserve praise as well. So, what better way to celebrate these glorious babies than by offering a deal and the chance to win some awesome prizes?

According to the press release, Richardson said:

Although we’ve been known as America’s slider provider for more than 98 years, our Original Chicken Rings have rung up a significant following with their crispy, dippable flavor. We recognize it’s time to treat these Chicken Ring lovers by offering a chance at more than a thousand prizes with a simple picture of their receipt, as well as shareable summertime savings.

Whether you're using the free diamond ring to propose to your boo, commemorate this tasty Chicken Ring discount, or if you're simply adding it to your bling collection, it's definitely worth entering to win. And think about it: even if you don't win the Grand Prize, you'll still have yourself a delicious plate of discounted Chicken Rings. And that's still a prize, in my eyes.