These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Break Your Heart, So Be Careful

Every zodiac sign interacts differently with one another, so there is no certainty that these are 100 percent the zodiac signs that will break your heart. A water sign with an air sign can create a tumultuous hurricane of emotions. Two earth signs might be the start of an avalanche, and fire can be quenched by too much water in a couple's chart. However, some signs do fall in love better than others. Even though your relationship might not work out with a sturdy, committed Capricorn, the sea goat isn't likely to wield a ton of damage in the process.

While your sun sign dictates your astrological personality, other aspects of your chart also hold major influence over how you fall in love. Your Venus influences how you fall in love, and Mars holds sway over how you take action in relationships, particularly in your sex life. Meanwhile, the moon represents your emotions and inner mood when, combined with your sun sign, strongly influences how you respond to your environment. Finally, the rising sign represents the face you present to others.

If your love life currently involves any of these signs — ranked from least to most likely to break your heart — then you might have a rocky road ahead of you:

5. Scorpio (October 23 To November 21)

Scorpios experience the paradox of wanting to mate for life, while also fearing being boxed in. Their strong relationship with the underworld gives them a destructive impulse that makes them want to annihilate their own love life the moment they perceive it as confining. This skittish creature is extremely afraid of getting their feelings hurt and basically responds to falling in love by internally freaking TF out. If you can weather the storm, though, you'll find them to be an extremely loyal partner.

4. Leo (July 23 To August 22)

Leos can be extremely ego-driven and can forget that their partner is a person, too. When you're close to a Leo, it can sometimes feel like being their sidekick or accessory. If they are not conscientious, they'll hog the spotlight and wring the relationship dry. As a fixed fire sign, they are especially unable to change or compromise to make their lover comfortable. To avoid heartbreak, only date a Leo if you've already established yourself as the person you want to be, or at least be sure you'll be comfortable playing second fiddle.

3. Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

Dating a Gemini can feel like you are with two different people at once. As an air sign, Gemini is extremely social and keeps a wide range of friends. They like drama in a relationship and need a lot of conflict to feel a spark. They will flirt with other people in front of their lover as a test of their devotion. To avoid getting your heart broken with a Gemini, set your boundaries with them early and make it clear when their flirtatious behavior actually hurts.

2. Aquarius (January 20 To February 18)

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which can make them a flighty and unstable lover. Uranus is a notoriously unstable planetary ruler, and Saturn craves freedom. As a fixed air sign, Aquarius responds to adversity by essentially freezing people out. This is the sign that will ghost you and never tell you what you did to anger them. If you don't want an Aquarius to drop you, give them plenty of space and opportunity to hang out with their wide group of friends before they turn a cold shoulder on your relationship.

1. Cancer (June 21 To July 22)

Moody Cancer is ruled by the moon, and although they can be a nurturing and tender lover when the stars align, it takes a lot of work for them to get to that point. Cancer is the youngest water sign, which means they don't always understand how their emotional ups and downs impact other people. If they sense that their heart is in peril in the relationship — maybe because they are having feelings that they don't want to have — they will completely retreat inside their shell. Once this crab scurries away, there's no coaxing them back.

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