Here's The Kind Of Wine You Should Pair With The Olympic Sport You're Watching

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Haven't had a ton of time to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics? Don't sweat it, because there's still a good amount left for you to catch some of your favorite sports. And what better way to watch TV then to snuggle up, have your favorite food, and grab a nice tall glass of wine? And figuring out which wine to pair with winter Olympic sports is essential if you want to go a different route than just grabbing your fave.

Of course, you can do just that. There's nothing wrong with grabbing your go-to and calling it a night. Wine is a perfect way to end the day, help you unwind, and just have a great night (without leaving the comforts of your house). So any wine will do, as you probably knew. But if you did want to spice things up and really get into the spirit of things, there are wine pairings for essentially anything if you truly think about it. For your favorite show on Netflix? Yep. For the Star Wars marathon you're thinking about streaming later? Of course. You don't even have to ask about a Game of Thrones pairing list, because it's inherently going to be a yes. So, of course you can find a wine to go with whatever sport you like to veg-out to after work.

Curling: Rosé

In my opinion, rosé is the ultimate drink if you want something fun and light. I see curling as being a pretty chill (no pun intended) sport to watch as well — so of course you'd want sip on something that's also pretty low-key.

While some may play it off as a girl's drink because of the color, you can dismiss this silly idea right now. Why wouldn't you drink it? It can be sweet, it can be bubbly, and it will definitely work out perfectly with cheering the curlers on.

Snowboarding: Merlot

According to, some Merlots are considered to be very bold in taste — so what better way to celebrate the slopes than with a glass of the red stuff? Snowboarding can get pretty intense, and Merlot will certainly keep you on your toes — just like all of the boarders will be. A ton of people prefer white wines, which need to be chilled and are pretty common. But honestly, you can never go wrong with a red... so it's time to uncork.

Skiing: Chardonnay

According to, chardonnay can be smooth as hell, just like skiers! It can be mixed with citrus flavors or other concoctions so you can get pretty wild with this one (if you wanted to). It's also a solid, go-to white wine, so it's perfect for this portion of the Olympics.

Ice Hockey: Chianti

Chianti can pack a punch, much like hockey players can. This red wine is bold and yet so, so good — so this will work very well when the players on the ice get your blood pumpin'. From the game itself to the opposing teams' interactions — hockey never fails to have us fully invested in cheering. Sip on your chianti while intently keeping your eye on the puck.

Figure Skating: Prosecco

Figure skating is seriously so magical and elegant. Watching the skaters glide across the fresh, sparkling ice into the insane tricks is just so captivating. Breaking out the prosecco lets you in on the little celebration they're having in PyeongChang (because the team is on fire right now). Plus, when isn't a good time to have prosecco? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Speed Skating: Pinot Grigio

This white wine is great for watching the fast-paced sport of speed skating, specifically because it is a very sleek and smooth wine, according to While the skaters are working up a sweat, you'll be at home, finishing off your bottle of pinot. Yum! It'll also get you tipsy enough to wonder how the hell they squat and lean over for so long? This sport is seriously impressive.