Remind Yourself Who's Real & Who's A Host Before 'Westworld' Season 2 Premieres

by Ani Bundel

Westworld Season 1 was a long con. Everything the show told us when it wasn't outright lying, was either a half-truth, a truth from an unreliable narrator, or a truth from a certain point of view only. One of the most frustrating parts was being able to tell the Human from the Host character. Fans went nuts trying to figure out if certain characters were the real deal. Which Westworld characters are hosts? And who are human?

By the end of the series, with the exception of one single character, the show had answered these questions. The character who remained to be seen if he was a human or host was that of Robert Ford, the creator of the park, and the leading man of the series played by the great Anthony Hopkins. Fans had trouble believing the production really killed him off, so they theorized the man viewers saw die was actually the Host version of Ford.

Let's dispel that myth now. Hopkins really is done with the show. There may be an actor playing him in earlier timelines of the narrative, but that was the real Ford Dolores show, and that was the real Ford who died.

As for everyone else:



Dolores Abernathy: The first Host ever created, she had long talks with Arnold before he died. She is currently a dual programmed Host, with both Dolores and Wyatt narratives running simultaneously

Teddy Flood: Dolores' paired mate, who does whatever she wants, including one time when he murdered every host at her behest after Arnold said to.


Maeve Millay: A former homesteader Host with a daughter, she has been the madame of the Brothel for the last year, until her programming was changed to rebel against her masters.

Clementine Pennyfeather: The main escort at the brothel, the Host in this role has been traded out at least twice.


Hector Escaton: The head of a gang of thieves who's regularly loop ends with robbing the Brothel of the safe in Maeve's room. Part of Team Help Maeve Escape.

Armistice: A snake tattooed outlaw and Hector's right-hand woman. Part of Team Help Maeve Escape.


Lawrence (El Lazo): An Outlaw Host who was originally cast in the role of the Mexican gangster El Lazo.

Lawrence's Daughter: One of the earliest Hosts created, she recognizes Dolores.


Angela: An early Host who has had roles in and out of the park.

Peter Abernathy: Dolores's former father Host, was decommissioned at the start of the series. Currently recommissioned and carrying a massive data dump for someone on the outside.


Young Robert Ford: A very early Host, which still opens via face. Made by Arnold as a present for Ford.

Old Bill: A Host who was retired from the park, but Ford keeps around as a companion.


Bernard Lowe: A host that did not know he was until the end of the series. Created in the image of Arnold Weber, Ford's old partner.



Robert Ford: The man who is credited with the creation and running of Westworld.

Arnold Weber: The man who actually created Westworld and the Hosts, he had Dolores kill him as part of a plan to prevent the park from opening, and destroy all his work so Ford couldn't turn the Hosts into slaves.


William (aka The Man In Black): One of the park's earliest attendees and the son-in-law of Delos Corporation's founder, he was responsible for Delos becoming Westworld's primary shareholder. A total Westworld addict, he's vacationed here for 30+ years and played every game the park has to offer.

Logan Delos: The son of Delos' founder, and a spoiled brat of a manchild.


Theresa Cullen: The Head of Quality Assurance, and Bernard Lowe's ex-girlfriend. She attempted to transmit data out of the park to Charlotte Hale and failed. When she and Charlotte attempt to stage a coup to remove Ford, he has Bernard kill her.

Charlotte Hale: The very forthright and frightening Executive Director of the board of Delos Destinations, Inc, she has an agenda that has not been fully revealed yet, but she's trying to smuggle something out of the park.


Lee Sizemore: The Head of Narrative, he's gunning for Ford's position when Theresa forcibly retires him and spends most of his time drunk and frustrated because that hasn't happened yet.

Elsie Hughes: Bernard's top assistant in the Behavior & Diagnostics department. She's the one who figures out something bigger is wrong with the hosts when the Reveries start causing malfunctions and is on the verge of putting together that Ford is sabotaging the Hosts ahead of his retirement to murder everyone as part of his "New Narrative." Before she can, Ford has Bernard strangle her.


Ashley Stubbs: Head of Security at Westworld, he keeps an eye on all the stories unfolding in the park and makes sure any malfunctioning hosts are removed. Last seen being taken prisoner by Ghost Nation hosts before the massacre.

Felix Lutz: A Body Shop technician under Livestock Management, his job is to repair hosts at the end of their loops. Part of Team Help Maeve Escape.


Sylvester: Felix's supervisor, and a very unwilling member of Team Help Maeve Escape.

Westworld Season 2 debuts on HBO on Sunday, April 22, 2018, at 9 p.m. ET.