The 'Harry Potter' Character You Should Magically Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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If you grew up around Harry Potter, it's likely you've wondered which Harry Potter character is your soulmate. Well, wonder no longer — in celebration of Leo Harry Potter's birthday today, July 31, here's a comprehensive list of who your Harry Potter soulmate might be based on your zodiac sign.

My Harry Potter crush has always been Ron. It actually makes sense that I had a crush on Ron, a Pisces, because I, a Gemini, am particularly compatible with Pisces. Although, most every sign has a specific level of compatibility — some star signs are more likely to click than others. For example, same-sign pairings can be particularly intense and passionate, while opposing signs that are six months apart don't necessarily click very well. In fact, every single best friend I've ever had has been a Pisces. I'm sensing a pattern here.

I decided to have a look at the characters' signs and see which characters would be best suited for each zodiac sign. Do you remember the character you crushed on the most when reading Harry Potter? You may have even been drawn to a character because of your sign. Check out the list below!

Aries: Hermione Granger (Virgo)

Aries, you are fiery, passionate, bold, and need someone that isn’t going to stand in your way. In addition, you're a fire sign, so you need someone strong enough to withstand your energy and unwavering will.

I recommend: Hermione Granger, a Virgo and all-around sweetheart. She's smart enough to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, but grounded enough in reality to keep you level-headed.

Taurus: Ron Weasley (Pisces)

Taurus, you’re animated, caring, and have a penchant for stability. You need someone who will see you for the glorious person you are and be your steadfast rock when things get rough. A Pisces is creative and caring, a sign that will always think the sun rises and sets with you. The right partner would know how lucky they are to be with you and will always be there for you through the ups and downs.

I recommend: Ron Weasley, a Pisces. Though dense at times, he would be the perfect partner to support you and appreciate all your glory. He is loyal, loving, and knows a true gem when he sees one. He would never take your shine for granted — which is important for you, Taurus, as you have a lot of light in you to share with the world. You need a partner that sees that.

Gemini: Draco Malfoy (Gemini)

Gemini, you're complex, guarded, and loving in ways that are unexpected. You are an air sign that could use either passion or grounding, and a partner is the perfect place to seek either in your whirlwind of a life. You need someone that will understand the way your mind works, Gem, and because of that, it might help to look for someone similar to you.

I recommend: Draco Malfoy, a Gemini, because when paired well, individuals with the same sign resonate with each other on a deeper level than most. We all know Draco’s tender heart is there beneath his sharp exterior.

Cancer: Luna Lovegood (Aquarius)

Cancer, you gentle soul, you want a partner to support and affirm. You also desire a partner that will show you the beauty in the world and someone to free you with their spontaneity. You are vulnerable and in touch with your emotions.

I recommend: Aquarius Luna Lovegood for her ability to see through pragmatics and lean into her natural sense of wonder. She is untethered to reality enough to allow you to put down the heavy weight of reality you carry with you each day. Both of you are tender and she is someone you would truly fall head over heels for.

Leo: George or Fred Weasley (Aries)

Ah, Leo, your confidence is unshakeable and your brilliance is unstoppable. Your truest match could bring you passion and love like you’ve never seen. You are smart and confident, but something you're often missing is the sweetness in life. You are powerful and good at whatever you put your mind to but sometimes you avoid love because it is a fickle thing that you might not master.

I recommend: Aries brothers Fred or George Weasley. Both brothers are incredibly brilliant and even more fun. They are a formidable match for you, Leo, in business and intellect — which is good because you need someone that can keep up with your creativity and confidence. What Aries signs possess that will truly blow you away is their ability for vulnerability and care, something that you've been missing all along.

Virgo: Harry Potter (Leo)

Virgo, you pragmatic, creative soul. You need a partner to ground you and show you how to think outside the box. You value your passions to the point that you get lost in them and feel safest when you live within your careful boundaries. When you are partnered with someone, you have a talent for creating a safe, intimate space with someone. You need someone who will value your natural ability to make people feel safe.

I recommend: Leo Harry Potter for his confidence and steadfast loyalty that you value so much. I also recommend him because he is brave, adventurous and willing to step outside of his comfort zone. Which is something you need Virgo! Take the chance with this Leo and you will not regret it, nor will you regret the adventures you take along the way.

Libra: Bill Weasley (Sagittarius)

Libra, you’re strong-willed and, deep down, willing to be vulnerable. You need someone that can operate on the same wavelength. You are confident and powerful. You are always on the lookout for opportunity and not afraid to chase what you want — except when it comes to love.

I recommend: Sagittarius Bill Weasley. He is calm, resolute, and a force of nature when necessary. You would truly be a power couple together. Both of you prefer to be untethered from one specific place, and as a result you would see so many amazing things together. Bill's Sagittarius heart is caring and willing to bring you down when you float away from reality, Libra.

Scorpio: Remus Lupin (Pisces)

Scorpio, love is a big deal for you and you can cultivate something passionate with almost anyone. Some signs tend to wither and wilt under your intensity. You need someone who can reach your level of vulnerability and passion, someone willing to take a leap for you. You also need the same person to bring you to a calmness you rarely achieve on your own.

I recommend: Pisces Remus Lupin. There are many similarities between the two water signs but the biggest difference is a Pisces' ability to be soft and vulnerable. Scorpio, your biggest fear is rejection and abandonment but a Pisces is perfect for you because of their care, loyalty and creative view of the world.

Sagittarius: Harry Potter (Leo)

Sagittarius, you are independent, strong-willed, and caring. You're ready to be loved and offer love in return. You need someone that is soft, confident, caring, and straightforward. Sagittarians are known for loving a spontaneous trip or adventure, and the recommendation I have for you is quite famous for doing both.

I recommend: Leo Harry Potter. He is confident and quiet, he is unassuming and intelligent. He will be head over heels for your mysterious aura and loving spirit. As you are both fire signs, you will likely be a power couple before you know it.

Capricorn: Ginny Weasley (Leo)

Capricorn, you are a rule-follower and organized leader. You need someone to shake up your world and show you what spontaneity looks like in big and small ways. Capricorns are amazing at building lives for themselves and their partners are always grateful for that talent.

I recommend: Leo Ginny Weasley, as she is confident, brave, creative, and willing to work with change. Ginny is humble and smart, something that you are as well. You will both have intricate conversations and caring patience with each other.

Aquarius: Neville Longbottom (Leo)

Love is hard for you, Aquarius, when you’re living in your own little world sometimes. You value independence and, deep down, also want someone to care for you. You are creative and wondrous about the world around you. A partner in your life should be able to see just how lovely you really are.

I recommend: Leo Neville Longbottom. Neville is shy and caring, with a courageous heart. He only uses his power for good and that's something you value, Aquarius. You both might be shy around each other at first but you will learn from each other in ways you never expected.

Pisces: Severus Snape (Capricorn)

Last but not least, good old Pisces, everything you do is filled with intention and care. You're truly a romantic at heart. Your emotion and creativity is always overflowing. Someone willing to catch your energy and hold it for you is an important feature in a partner for you. You want someone to see just how amazing you are which makes sense, because you really are remarkable!

I recommend: Capricorn Severus Snape, who is arguably the most romantic of all the characters. As a caring and loyal soul, he would create a partnership with you that would fulfill your needs for affection and support. You would truly build a magical life together.

So, you may have already known, deep down, who your magical soulmate really is. Maybe it even matched up with this list. Enjoy re-watching some of the Harry Potter movies in celebration of Harry's birthday. With this newfound knowledge of who your astrological soulmate is. I know I will be watching soon just to swoon over Ron.

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