Where You Should Go When You're Feeling Sad, As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

When the blues have got you down, it's easy to want to curl up in a ball and let it take over your whole life. Sadness and lethargy can make it feel like you're moving through quicksand, like time is slowing to a screeching halt, and all you want to do is sleep until the pain subsides. Even though every instinct in your body might be telling you to hide away, our best interests often lie in fighting against that isolation. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to perk your spirits up and where you should go when you're feeling sad, according to your zodiac sign, might not always occur to you at first.

Because your zodiac sign encompasses who you are at your happiest and who you are at your worst, allowing astrology to inform your means of self-care and recovery is a form of therapy people should consider more often. When I'm feeling sad, I remember who I am based on my birth chart, and it comforts me to know where this sadness is stemming from. My Pisces moon might be feeling lonely, my Gemini sun could be feeling uninspired, and my Cancer rising could be distrustful of everyone around me. Analyzing the emotions behind each of my signs informs my way of dealing with them.

Read on to find out where you you should go to relieve your melancholy. You should check where your rising sign and moon sign needs to go as well. If you don't know what those are, use this birth chart calculator to find out here.


You need to get your blood pumping, Aries. Going to a nightclub or a concert, somewhere you can dance your tail off, is exactly what you need to cure your sorrow. Those endorphins will have you feeling like a fireball of happiness again in no time.


Taurus, the key to your happiness is in soothing all five of your senses. There's no better place to do that than in a garden full of flowers, birds, and butterflies. Put your hands on the earth, caress each petal, and soak up the sunlight.


You need to remember that the world is full of possibility when you're sad, Gemini. Go to a book store or library brimming with books, written by geniuses both old and new. Fill your mind with stories, information, and dreams.


I know I've been saying that you need to get out when you're sad, Cancer, but you're a special case. Home is exactly where you need to be, surrounded by your things, cozy in your bed, comforted by photos of your friends and family.


Leo, wherever your closest friends are is where you need to be. It doesn't matter if that means a party, a theme park, or sitting in your car during rush hour traffic. Call up your friends and see what they're doing, Leo. You need to remember how important you are to them.


Productivity, Virgo, is all you need to get your mind off the sadness. Going to work might just be the greatest form of therapy for you. Make some money, get some sh*t done, and build yourself up. You love it when you don't procrastinate.


Anywhere you can nourish your body with luxury is where you need to be, Libra. This could mean a day at the spa, an appointment with your manicurist, or even shopping at the mall. Adorn yourself with beauty, Libra, and you'll forget all about the pain.


Watching the ocean waves break on the shore is the perfect balance of calm and chaos that you need, Scorpio. Feeling connected to all the energy of the earth is the perfect therapy for you and the beach is where the natural world and the human world come together.


Load yourself with intellectual stimulation, Sagittarius, but do it in an energetic place, like a museum about your favorite topic. You'll love crawling out of your sadness with philosophy and history. The museum will replace your nagging thoughts with more interesting ones.


You love to learn, Capricorn, and you love feeling like you're taking care of yourself. This is why taking a class, any class that suits your interests, will rearrange your emotions to more positive ones. You'll love walking away feeling renewed and rebuilt by knowledge.


You need some alone time where you can think, Aquarius. You also need to be doing something that will soften your soul. This is why going for a swim, whether that's in a pool or the ocean, is the perfect antidote to your sadness. When you're under water, the rest of the world disappears.


You need to be taken away to a different reality, Pisces, and the cinema is where that happens. You'll feel comforted by the movie theater, by the big screen that feels like a window to another world. You'll dive right in to the narrative and forget all about whatever was plaguing you.