I Have A Theory About Why You Didn't See Much Of Gisele Bündchen At The Super Bowl

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Patriots and the Rams both put up a good fight. Maroon 5 sang their greatest hits (including a few of my favorites from Songs About Jane). Travis Scott delivered a few fire verses in front of literal blazes of fire. So far, so good. But there's one thing missing from this sweet Sunday evening: Where was Gisele Bündchen at the Super Bowl? Hubby Tom Brady has been taking the field by storm, but Bündchen (and her wine glass, #TBT) is no where to be found.

For those who don't know, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is known for many things, one of them being his totally #goals marriage to supermodel, philanthropist, and Goodwill ambassador Gisele Bündchen. Seriously, these two seem like the photo you'd find in the dictionary next to the words "Golden Couple," and the way they support each other proves just that.

When I looked towards tonight, I assumed that the 2019 Super Bowl is no exception: that Bündchen would be front and center, cheering on her man at what could be the last Super Bowl appearance of his football career. (Emphasis on the "could be." Really, you never know.)

Normally, Bündchen proudly watches Brady play the biggest game of the year. This is his ninth Super Bowl appearance, and could be his sixth win. At last year's Super Bowl in 2018, Bündchen went viral after game cameras panned to her taking a hefty sip of red wine in the box where she sat watching the game during a particularly tense moment of the Patriots vs. Eagles showdown. The Pats lost, 41-33. Twitter, as it does, was living for it. Nothing quite like seeing an icon stress-drink the same way the rest of us do! Seriously, Bündchen can join me on my couch after a long day, any day. Hit me up!

This year, the ever-supportive Bündchen started Super Bowl weekend by posting an adorable Instagram photo of her and Brady on the Super Bowl LIII field on Saturday, with the caption "I got your back! ❤️". On Sunday, she posted an even more adorable pic of her and Brady's daughter, Vivian Lake, on the Super Bowl field wearing (of course) a Brady jersey with her arms extended. But since then, the star has gone considerably dark — and I have a theory as to why.

Last year, Bündchen received a considerable amount of coverage at the 2018 Super Bowl, thanks to coverage of her relatable glass of wine. Some might say that the attention truly should have been directed at her husband's hard work and determination on the field. Perhaps, knowing that this might be her husband's last Super Bowl, Bündchen requested to stay out of the spotlight this time around, so that she could focus on cheering on her hubby with zero distractions. After all, it's hard to yell, "Touchdown!" when there are constantly cameras flashing in your face. And honestly, I wouldn't blame her — sometimes, privacy really does feel like a privilege. And while I do live for pap shots of her and her adorable family, I know she doesn't owe me that voyeurism.

Regardless of whether or not my theory is real, Bündchen's devotion and Brady's talent is — and that's something worth celebrating.