You Can Get Unicorn Cupcakes With Mickey Ears At Disney & They're So Insta-Worthy

I definitely don't need to reiterate the fact that Disney World is an absolutely perfect place; it's pretty much common knowledge. Aside from making my heart eternally happy with endless amounts of rides, parades, and characters galore, it also satisfies my undying sweet tooth with a broad selection of tasty treats. One of their most recent culinary developments is making me feel particularly majestic, though. If you, too, want to feel like a literal fairy unicorn princess, here's where to get Unicorn Mickey Cupcakes at Disney World. You're welcome.

In life, there's truly nothing better than an edible unicorn. Trust me, I know this. Anyway, if you happen to find yourself in Disney World anytime soon, definitely make a point to head on over to the BoardWalk Bakery. Once you get there, you'll be able to find Unicorn Mickey Cupcakes for only $6 each, according to Delish. Needless to say, it's most definitely worth the trip (yes, even for my fellow New Yorkers, it's totally worth the two-hour plane ride).

The Unicorn Mickey Cupcake itself, according to Delish, sounds absolutely phenomenal. It has a lemon cake base, which is filled with a sweet, gooey raspberry filling. It's topped with whipped frosting, gorgeous edible pearls, crunchy white chocolate ears, and — wait for it — a freaking white chocolate unicorn horn. Oh, and obviously, it's entirely covered in edible glitter, because why the heck not? There's no such thing as a unicorn without glitter, anyway... is there?

Let's just take a second to look at this marvelous creation. Take it all in. Ain't she a beaut? I simply cannot resist.

The photos of the Unicorn Mickey Cupcake are giving me an intense amount of FOMO. Instagram user, @realsummerpriester took the photo above, using the caption, "How cute is this cupcake! I couldn’t resist from getting one today!" I'm totally with you, girlfriend. I definitely couldn't resist getting one of these babies (and posting a thousand pictures of it, obviously).

On the same note, Instagram user @disneyinsta.disney07, posted the breathtaking photo above, with the caption:

Unicorn Mickey Cupcake is too cute and delicious. This specialty cupcake is from Boardwalk Bakery. There is another park entrance between France and United Kingdom Pavilion, and you can walk from Epcot too. Apparently it’s about 6min walk.

Everyone is sharing the unicorn Mickey love, and I'm beyond obsessed.

It looks like Disney World is really churning out the goods right now, though, because they also recently came out with Mickey-shaped beignets. Visitors can snag three beignets for only $4, with the option to pay a little extra for dipping sauces. Also, if you want to cool off with your beignets, there's even an opportunity to get a Mickey-shaped beignet sundae for only $6. This includes three beignets, which are topped with a scoop of ice cream, as well as whipped cream and a sauce of your choice. It sounds too good to be true, but trust me — it's so real.

If you're 'gramming all your Disney treats and are looking for an equally-sweet background, make sure to check out the nine best Instagram walls at Disney World. Between the purple wall at Tomorrowland, the moss wall at Pandora, the bubblegum wall in Epcot, and the Tangled wall in Fantasyland, I have too many favorites to choose from. There's no "wrong" way to stage a cute food pic, so once you get that tasty treat, make sure to head over to one of them for the perfect photo opportunity. You won't regret it, I promise.

Disney World has a lot of really fantastic thing to offer, but everyone knows that. However, their abundance of tasty treats is a total highlight. The new Mickey Unicorn Cupcakes are literally irresistible (and so extra, I love it), and there's no way I won't be getting one the next time I'm on vacation.