The Dolan Twins New Fragrance Brand Is All About Celebrating Yourself

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty Images

YouTubers Grayson and Ethan Dolan are more than just vlogging sensations — they're now moguls, thanks to the launch of the Dolan Twins' fragrance brand, Wakeheart. After launching the two signature fragrances, which are based on the Dolan's personal scents, in 2019, the Dolan Twins and Wakeheart are releasing the first stand-alone collection, Enterlight Collection. The entire collection is available today, Jan. 31, on the brand's website,

"Focused on creating unisex scents that capture people, places, and memorable moments, Wakefield is more than just a fragrance brand; each telling a unique story, conveying beauty and inspiring confidence," a press release for the newest launch read. Though these new scents are not styled after the twins, in a statement about their sophomore collection, the brothers said, "We still personally designed the bottles and created the scents just as we did with the first launch of our signature scents, but we're giving Enterlight a little more touch of Wakeheart." The three new fragrances each attempt to inspire memories and feelings that promote self-confidence and positivity for wearers.

Courtsey of Wakeheart

By focusing each fragrance on a different aspect of life — from your own conscious to experiencing a new place — the new fragrances inspire comfort in being you. For example, Lurid Locations concentrates on the present. It's an earthy, home-y mix of apricot, jasmine petals, cashmere woods, and other scents that combine to create a fragrance that inspires feelings of belonging in unfamiliar surroundings.

Conscience Conversations, however, is a more introverted scent. Meant to evoke feelings of the conversations happening in your head that never see the light of day, it's the part of you that you keep just for yourself. Its scent profile includes clear blue water, white lilies, sweet orange blossom, and ocean driftwood notes that will make you float through your own dreamy world.

The last of the trio is Sunlit Sensations, and it's all about encouraging serenity. The formula includes vanilla sea salt, blue freesia, orchid petals, and other scent notes to kindle acceptance, confidence, and warmth whenever you wear it. This scent captures the warmth of being kind to yourself, the brand said in its press release.

The Enterlight Collection is just the beginning, and the brand promises there will be more to come later on this year. Co-owner Kevin Gould told, "This year, we have a number of other launches and collaborations planned and will be expanding the brand into several other categories within the world of scent." Lotions, shampoos, mists — my head is swimming with all of the possibilities. Although I don't know for sure what's to come, I'm already on pins and needles waiting to hear more.