The Shark Week x Vans Collab Has Me More Excited Than A Great White In Freshly Chummed Water

Courtesy of Vans

Now, I know I'm not the only one who gets excited about Shark Week every year. Exciting, informational, and TBH, sometimes a little scary, it's literally one of my favorite television events, and every summer, I set a reminder to ensure I don't miss any of the new episodes. When I lived on the beach, it felt like Shark Week every single day of the summer, but now that I'm in the big city, there are no shark-related experiences to partake in to commemorate the week's episodes, so I've resorted to trying to figure out where to get the Shark Week x Vans collab as a way to show my Shark Week love in a wearable, everyday way. It was either the sneakers or a tattoo, and I feel I made the right choice.

"Wait, there's a Shark Week x Vans collab?" you might be asking youself, and forgive me for burying the lede. There is indeed a collab, the collab of the century, a Shark Week fan like myself might argue. Given that sharks don't wear sneakers, it might not seem like an obvious fit at first, but Vans have been surfer-approved sneakers for ages, so I knew the company would nail it. Plus, a percentage of profits will be donated to Oceana, an nonprofit organization devoted to protecting our oceans and all the creatures in them. Shout out to Vans for teaming up with this charity and creating such a cool collection!

The only downside to the incredible line is that most of the items are for kids, like these adorable blue velcro kicks:

Courtesy of Vans

Look at those aquarium soles! So cool. I have such FOMO knowing I can't own these:

Courtesy of Vans

Still, there are two pairs of sneakers for us adult Shark Week viewers, and both have me more excited than a Great White in freshly-chummed waters.

Speaking of a Great White Shark, the Vans x Shark Week Sk8-His ($75, feature exactly that:

Talk about a statement sneaker, am I right? The mostly-black Sk8-Hi gets an upgrade with a photorealistic Great White mid-chomp on the style's signature white stripe.

The inside of the shoe features crystal clear blue water:

Courtesy of Vans

If you're more of a slip-on guy or gal, don't worry, the next pair will be your fave. BTW, both kicks are unisex, so even if you can't squeeze your feet into the children's styles, you'll still be able to snag a fun sneaker.

The Vans x Shark Week Slip Ons ($65, have a more colorful, cartoonish take on the ocean's fiercest predator:

I love how different each style of sneaker is; are you more of a high-top, realistic shark person? Or a low-top, vibrant cartoon shark person? Personally, I'm the latter, but I'd happily rock either.

Especially if I was also sporting the Vans x Shark Week Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($35, Just sayin':

Ready to shop this sweet lineup and support Oceana in the process? The products are already live on the Vans site, and you can peep the collection in Vans stores as well as at Footlocker, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters come July 1.