Morphe Released A GORGEOUS Collection With Maddie Ziegler & It'll Spark Endless Imagination

Courtesy of Morphe

Dancer and makeup guru may not sound like the obvious pair, but Maddie Ziegler has mastered both. Growing up in the spotlight has made the Dance Moms star no stranger to makeup chairs. And she’s brought all that knowledge to her first-ever makeup collection. For her debut in the beauty world, Ziegler teamed up with Morphe for the new Imagination Collection, and it’s all available as of June 25 on Morphe’s website.

Ziegler’s love of makeup isn’t anything new. Just check out her YouTube channel to see the 17-year-old’s makeup tips, routines, and more. “I have loved makeup since I can remember,” Ziegler told Seventeen. "I started doing my full hair and makeup, including full eyelashes at 6 years old. I hated how my mom did my makeup when I first started doing dance competitions so I learned really quickly and ever since then I fell in love with makeup." She’s even said that she can spend hours trying out different beauty tutorials, cleaning off all her makeup, and starting a new look instantaneously. And as a serious makeup lover, she wanted to make sure her collection could spark that same creativity for all.

“I wanted to make sure I had a range of colors in the Imagination Palette because everyone has their own interpretation and their own imagination,” Ziegler told Allure. “And that’s why we want everyone to use this palette in their own way.” With such dreamy colors and products that can be used in multiple ways, your imagination will be overflowing with new makeup looks to create. To get ready to feel inspired, you can check out the entire Maddie Ziegler x Morphe Imagination Collection below.

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The Imagination Palette ($25, Morphe) has 20 shades with matte and shimmer finishes. If you like to play it safe with neutrals or go wall-to-wall with color, this palette has the range to create endless looks for you. Ziegler also made sure the eyeshadows are all easy to use with your fingers or a brush and were true-to-color on your face.

For a shiny, luminous finish, the Dew Bomb Face Gloss Stick ($12, Morphe) is great for getting that Krispy Kreme Donut glaze across your skin. It’s also lightweight, so you won’t feel sticky or like your pores are clogged. You can even combine the Gloss Stick with any of the Imagination Palette’s shades to create a funky lip or eye gloss.

The Lip and Cheek Kits ($18, Morphe) are also multi-functional. The cream blush can easily be worn on your cheeks, eyes, and lips, although each set also comes with a matching lip gloss that you might prefer for your lips. You can get the sets in baby pink, deep mauve, or bright coral.