Your Whole Beauty Routine Is About To Get Colorful Thanks To Lip Smacker & Crayola's Collab

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Lip Smacker

It's the makeup collection that we never knew we needed, but one that our childhood selves are so grateful for — the Lip Smacker x Crayola collection is arriving at Target later this month and I'm personally feeling so nostalgic.

On Sunday, March 31 Lip Smacker took to their Instagram page to announce that they have teamed up with OG crayon brand, Crayola, to bring us a collection of the most colorful lip balms. Lip Smacker posted an image of lip balms that look exactly like the crayons from our childhood along with the caption "Your day is about to get a little more COLORFUL!🌈 Introducing our NEW #LipSmackerxCrayola Collection, featuring a rainbow of colors and flavors to brighten up every day! #NationalCrayonDay#LipSmacker #Crayola#BestFlavorForever #rainbow#lipbalm."

Fans and followers of course couldn't help but to express their excitement, dropping comments like "Oh, I love that combo!❤️," "Sooo cute! I don’t think I’ll ever give up my Lipsmackers. 🤣 #hookedasakidandstillhookedasanadult," and "OMG NEED 😍."

The new collaboration will bring three different sets of lip products — and the best part? They're all extremely affordable at $11 and under, so even our younger selves could afford them on our weekly allowances.

Courtesy of Lip Smacker

The sets include, the Lip Balm Party Pack, which features eight different lip balms that look exactly like crayons and retails for $11. Then, there's the Crayola Lip Balm Trio that retails for just $6 and contains three lip balms posing as Crayola crayon-look-alikes. And finally, the the Crayola Liquid Party Pack that is $11 and contains five lip glosses that look strikingly similar to Crayola's famed markers.

What's more is that in addition to all of the new lip products in the Lip Smacker x Crayola collection looking like Crayola products, each product is named after a real Crayola color as well. So when the new collab drops, you can expect balms and glosses in shades like Aquamarine Magic, Jelly Bean, and Firefly Red Punch.

Courtesy of Lip Smacker

If that isn't enough nostalgia for you, you can expect each product in the new collection to be scented just like the sweet-smelling Lip Smacker balms that you kept in your plastic Barbie purse when you were younger. Or was that just me?

While you wait for the arrival of the Lip Smacker x Crayola collection at Target, you can explore the other collaborations that Crayola has recently come out with that will have you yearning for your adolescent years. There's the Crayola makeup line for Asos that made its debut last June and the Sally Hansen x Crayola nail polish collection so you can don your favorite crayon colors on your digits.

In case you've traded in your 64-pack of crayons (with built-in sharpener) for things like iPhones and office supplies, but you're open to adding new products to your beauty stash that are affordable and make you feel super nostalgic, then keep your eyes on Target's website and your local Target store to find out when exactly the new collection is set to arrive.