You'll Want Everything From Jill Stuart Beauty's New Diamond Couture Collection

Jill Stuart Beauty

Do not, I repeat, do not think you can get away with slathering serums, creams, oils, and other skincare goodies onto that beautiful face of yours and then pay zero attention to your body. Your arms, legs, et cetera need love, too! If you're looking for some body picks you'll love as much as the products you use on your face, I bet you're wondering where to get the Jill Stuart Beauty Diamond Couture Collection. The brand's first foray into body care is a glitzy, gorgeous dream, packed with amazing textures and scents, not to mention luxe packaging to boot.

As a fan of Jill Stuart for quite some time, I was thrilled when the designer debuted her beauty brand in 2018, complete with the girly, mirrored packaging of my wildest deams and chic, wearable shades of pink and coral everything. Their Jelly Eye Color ($20, is a staple in my quick and easy getting-ready routine, and when I found out JSB was expanding into body products, I couldn't have been more excited. This brand really nails it when it comes to dolling out unique formulas and ~special~ packaging at a reasonable pricepoint, so I knew they'd be dropping something luxe for me to love.

Jill Stuart Beauty had been hinting about the new line on their Instagram, but I truly didn't know what to expect:

I got a sneak peak of the products at a press event hosted by my friend, the talented and lovely YouMe Lin, who works closely with the brand:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Here's me, pretending to be an ~influencer~, and YouMe, being an actual influencer-slash-goddess:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Before even trying the products, the fact that they had YouMe's seal of approval assured me that they would be bomb. She's a consultant, model, and all-around beauty afficionado, and I always see her using JSB on Instagram, so I know she's a true fan. To further confirm, I swatched, scrubbed, and moisturized to my heart's content, and I'm happy to report that the products are, in fact, quite bomb indeed.

My personal fave from the new lineup is the Body Milk ($27,

I'm not a fan of heavy, creamy moisturizers, so the liquidy, milky vibes really won me over. Like the rest of the collection, the Body Milk comes in three refreshing scents: White Floral, Roses, and Blooming Pear, the last of which is my fave.

Speaking of moisturizers, the Body Jelly ($25, is an equally interesting pick, with a totally different texture:

Like I said, I love the brand's jelly eyeshadows, so I knew I'd dig this texture, too. The super lightweight body gel has a serum-like formula that moisturizes and enhances your bod's natural glow, sans-stickiness. Also, hi, this packaging? These luxe lids are made for vanity flatlays.

There are a lot of other products in the new collection, but I'll leave you with a peak at just one more, the Eau De Toilette ($38,

Available in all three scents from the collection, this perfume comes in the most stunning crystal-like bottle. Talk about luxe on a budget! To browse the entire Diamond Couture Collection and treat yourself (And your bod!) to some goodies, check out the Jill Stuart Beauty site now.