The Bretman Rock x Wet N Wild Collection Is SO Affordable, & I Need It ASAP

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

Summer just arrived a little early with the new Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock collaboration. Called "Jungle Rock," the limited-edition collection includes an eyeshadow palette, mascara, setting spray, and more — and it's super affordable, with prices ranging from $5 to $15. Available at Ulta stores nationwide and on Ulta's website on Friday, Feb. 15, Jungle Rock can also be purchased online at Target and Amazon, as well as on Wet n Wild's website come Feb. 18.

"Getting the call that Wet n Wild wanted to build a collection around me and what I stand for? B*tch… I’m gay, I’m an immigrant, I’m a POC, and in 2020 I’m taking affordable beauty to the next level," said Rock in a press release shared with Elite Daily. "A makeup line by a man will be in-store across the globe. That’s my power. That’s OUR power. Welcome to the jungle." This collection is Wet n Wild's first-ever collab with an influencer, but Rock, a beauty collab pro, has previously worked with ColourPop and Morphe on collections that generate tons of social media hype.

At the center of Jungle Rock is a love for animals, according to the brand, and all the products will be 100% cruelty free. Just like its name suggests, the Jungle Rock collection features bright, tropical packaging that makes you feel warmer just by looking at it. In a teaser video posted on the beauty YouTuber's instagram, Rock shows off the collection's power with an impressive tiger makeup look. Below is a run-through of what to expect from the Jungle Rock collection that'll give you looks as fierce as Rock's.

The 3-in-1 Face Mist

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

The 3-in-1 Face Mist ($8) is about to be an essential product from the beginning of your makeup routine to the end. It can be used to prep, hydrate, and set your makeup, so you knock three steps out with a single product. It'll also keep you and your makeup refreshed and dewy throughout the day if you need a quick top-up.

The Eyeshadow Palette

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

The Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock eyeshadow palette ($15) boasts 15 pans of bold satin, matte, and shimmer shadows, so the possibilities are endless. Tropical greens, daring reds, and an extreme black are about to dominate all your summer makeup looks.

The Loose Highlighting Duo

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

No collection is complete without a highlighter, and Rock did fans one better. Featuring two shades, Jungle Rock's Loose Highlighting Duo ($8) has micro-fine pearl pigments which create a soft-focus highlight with maximum shimmer. Mix the two colors together for an even more intense glow.

The Lip Glosses

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

Available in three colors, Jungle Rock's lip glosses ($5) provide a sheer, high-shine lip pigment. Perfect on their own or on top of another lipstick, the glosses come in a reflective lavender, a berry-pink, and a gold tone.

Bad B*tch Lift Mascara

Courtesy of Wet n Wild

Made to lift and curl lashes, Bad B*tch Lift Mascara ($8) gives you a voluminous, clump-free look all day. Not to mention, it supposedly washes off easy without any harsh tugging.


Courtesy of Wet n Wild

Get ready for a whole new level of blending with Jungle Rock's Eyeshadow Placement Brush ($7), Eyeshadow Precision Blending Brush ($7), and the Face Highlighting Brush ($8). With these tools in your hands, you'll be looking like a beauty YouTuber in no time.

Now, all I need is Rock to post a tutorial, so I can see exactly what looks to copy and how.