A New Cleanser Just Dropped From The Brand Behind The Star Pimple Patches All Over Insta

Courtesy of Starface

Skincare brand Starface launched in September 2019, and seemingly the very next second, hoards of influencers and It girls alike surged Instagram with their faces covered in the brand's first launch: the Hydro-Stars, hydrocolloid pimple patches shaped like little yellow stars. Ready for another social media takeover, Starface has launched its Space Wash Facial Cleanser, coming in a tube the same bright yellow as its hero pimple patches. And if you're experiencing some nice, fun, totally not hugely freaking annoying breakouts, this one's for you.

Just like with its first drop, Starface has those with sensitive and/or breakout-prone skin in mind with the Space Wash Cleanser ($16, Starface). It boasts the same benefits as most cleansers created for acne-prone skin — removing makeup, any irritating bacteria, dead skin — but without the harsher acids found in most cleansers that can dry skin out. Rather, the active ingredients, like white willow bark extract (a natural alternative to salicylic acid), sage leaf extract (helps reduce inflammation and control oil production), holy basil leaf extract (targets acne-causing bacteria), and more create a gentle, yet deeply cleansing formula. Even better, Space Wash has been tested by dermatologists and is totally cruelty-free, oil-free, vegan, safe for pregnant and nursing moms, and is certified clean according to Sephora, Target, and Credo standards.

Courtesy of Starface

A look through the messaging on the Starface website shows the brand approaches skin differently. Instead of something that's a "problem," it's something to celebrate — spots and all. It's also something that should be fun and fulfilling to take care of, not painstaking and hopeless. This messaging was crystal with the brand's Hydro-Stars, because, as Starface says, "You see spots, we see stars... and also spots." And now, with Space Wash, there's about to be even more fun and fulfillment in your skincare routine.

Retailing for just $16, Starface's Space Wash Facial Cleanser is available now on the Starface website.