Ralph Lauren Just Dropped A 'Friends'-Inspired Collection Chock-Full Of Rachel Green Faves

And now, for a never-before-seen episode of Friends, entitled, "The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren"! Now, y'all know I'm not the biggest fan of the show, but that doesn't mean I'm not wondering where to get Ralph Lauren's Friends Collection — regardless of whether or not I've binge-watched the series, I can admit these clothes are so good! In celebration of Friends and its 25th anniversary, what better way to honor everyone's fave friend group than with a clothing line created by the very brand Rachel Green once worked for? Yes, even I, a self-admitted fake fan, know Jennifer Aniston's character was once a Ralph Lauren employee, and I admit that this fact makes the collection about a thousand times more adorable.

While much of the gang struggled in terms of fashion and personal style (Don't @ me on this, guys.), Rachel Green began every single episode of Friends looking fantastic, even if her antics throughout the scenes left her a little worse for wear after a few commercials. During Seasons Five through 10, Green had a big-girl job working at Ralph Lauren, and after she was fired, a bribe courtesy of Ross won her back her job plus tons of benefits, heck yeah. Ralph Lauren himself even made a cameo in a Friends episode, "The One With Ross's Teeth," further cementing the designer's association with the show.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Ralph Lauren is dropping a full-on Rachel Green-inspired collection, with a few nods to Phoebe, Monica, and the rest of the gang, too:

Ralph Lauren

I normally don't ~love~ a Friends collab, but when you consider the whole backstory, this is a super cute idea.Shout out to the creative team at Ralph! You guys are working overtime, for sure.

The models in the photos look a lot cooler than the OG cast, but the Friends vibes are definitely present:

Ralph Lauren

To be clear, this collection is no ordinary Friends merch, and each piece will cost you a pretty penny. One of the least expensive pieces is a Cotton Turtleneck Sweater ($70,, a Rachel Green go-to, while others, like the Pleated Lambskin Miniskirt ($698,, are, uh, a little expensive if you don't have access to Daddy's credit card anymore. No shade, @Rachel.

According to Twitter, Friends fans couldn't *be* any more excited about the Ralph Lauren collab:

Although a few are stressed at the thought of how money they'll end up spending due to their Friends obsessions:

Where to shop for your new, Rachel Green-inspird wardrobe? The entire collection is available to view and shop online now on the Ralph Lauren website as well as in Ralph Lauren stores. If you're lucky enough to live in NYC, you can hit up the Bloomingdale's flagship store on September 21 and 22 and get a good look at the clothes via a Central Perk-themed pop-up. Note to self, remind my fellow Friends anti-fans to stay far away from Bloomingdales on those days. To everyone else, I say enjoy.