Cara Delevingne Teamed Up With Puma For Its New Pride Collection & It's All Epic

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Courtesy of PUMA

Pride 2020 sadly won’t be the IRL party it’s been in recent years due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t observe the month and celebrate in your own ways. Teaming up for a new line to commemorate the 51st year since the Stonewall Riots, Cara Delevingne and Puma are launching a new Pride 2020 collection. The collection will mostly drop on June 1 on Puma’s website, apart from one item launching later in the month, and will include 13 brightly colored items.

Titled “From Puma with Love,” the collection is priced between $20 and $45. There are t-shirts, tank tops, slides, a fanny pack, and more all featuring the colors of the rainbow in vibrant, unique ways. The styles are very lounge- and street-wear friendly, so you can wear them from your couch to around town (safely, of course). “We wanted to do something different that wasn’t so obvious,” Delevingne told “The pieces are unisex and fun, but they’re things people can wear every day, not just during Pride month.” In fact, Delevingne has been wearing the collection a lot during her social isolation because the clothes are so comfy and good for working out.

Courtesy of PUMA

“The LGBTQIA community has always been so important to me. This [collaboration] just made sense, you know? I’ve been so lucky with Puma, in everything we’ve ever discussed, they’ve always been open to new ideas and my perspective,” Delevingne said. The model has built up a reputation as an LGBTQ+ advocate, and to continue helping her community, 20% of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to LGBTQ+-focused charities, including GLAAD, The Trevor Project, and Mind Out.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Pride month without leaving your house, Puma and Delevingne will be hosting virtual events throughout June. There will be giveaways, digital hangouts, and exclusive activations on social media. For more information on the events, Puma and Delevingne will be sharing more information on their Instagram accounts in the future.


Although Pride may not look the same this year, you can still take some time to celebrate what makes you and the LGBTQ+ community special. The majority of the collection will be available on June 1 on Puma’s website, but the slides will drop on June 28.

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