Jumping Jellyfish! You NEED This SpongeBob Makeup Collection


Your favorite resident of Bikini Bottom is officially a beauty muse, seeing as an entire collection of products was just created around him. Excited? You should be! If you're wondering where to get HipDot's SpongeBob SquarePants makeup collection then you're in luck — having officially dropped on July 17, the entire range of products can be shopped at, and once you see the lineup in full I think you'll agree that every piece is worth snagging.

If you think about it, SpongeBob SquarePants and his underwater crew and home really do make for the perfect inspiration for a beauty collection. Bright colors, fantastical plot lines, truly beloved characters — what more could you really ask for? And seeing as this year marks the 20th anniversary of the cartoon, the collection couldn't have come at a more appropriate or festive time.

So, what all does it include? An eyeshadow palette, a blush and bronzer duo, three lip glosses, and two sheet masks complete the lineup, and they all come in packaging that's as playful as the cartoon itself. What's more, they're all cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel good about supporting an ethical brand. They're products you'll want to use on the daily purely for their comic relief, so take a look at the specifics of each one below and make your purchases before the limited-edition collection runs out.

Water-y Color Palette

Behold, this 15-pan eyeshadow palette boasts both shimmery and matte shades that are named after SpongeBob references that all you real fans will recognize. From Jumpin' Jellyfish and Meow Meow - Meow to Best Shade Ever and Angry Tentacles (hi, Squidward), the colors are as cleverly titled as they are beautiful.

High Gloss

This lip gloss trio will give you pouts so shiny that Patrick Star won't be able to keep his eyes off of you. There's Feelin' Fineapple, a sparkly sheer gloss that takes golden pineapples to the next level; Sea Star Gazer, a soft sheer pink named after Patrick; and Coral Blue, which is actually a demi-gloss blue lipstick inspired by the SpongeBob episode "Clams." "True fans will remember the episode where SpongeBob actually wears a sheer blue lipstick called Coral No. 5. This moment actually inspired one of the lip glosses in the collection," a HipDot representative explained to Allure via email.

Half n' Half

Who better to inspire a blush and bronzer palette than Sandy Cheeks herself? Split between a "squirrel-tan toned bronzer" and a rosy pink blush, it's got everything you'll need to achieve that perfectly sun kissed glow.

Holy Sheet

These masks are terrifyingly awesome and have a BFF sleepover date written all over them. Formulated with hyalauronic acid, marine protein, and red algae, they'll seriously hydrate your skin all while turning you into your favorite cartoon duo.

Do you love everything so much that you can't choose just a few items to purchase? Consider buying the SpongeBob Everything Set ($94,, which includes all of the products, or the Limited Edition Collectors Box ($120,, which also gets you the entire collection plus a special box to keep it in.