Lady Gaga Is Dropping A MAJOR Eyeshadow Palette Soon & I'm In Stupid Love With It

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Courtesy of Haus Laboratories
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Lady Gaga has graced her little monsters with even more big news. After dropping the first single from Chromatica in February 2020, the singer has slowly been building the hype around her long-awaited LG6 album. The latest news is that Gaga is dropping a “Stupid Love” eyeshadow palette, via her beauty brand Haus Laboratories, on May 19 on and Amazon.

“With all of the colors in the Stupid Love palette, it is a reminder that all colors are important,” Gaga told “What makes us all the same is that we are different, but there are endless ways to color with love. Enjoy exploring your inner and outer beauty with this palette.” As the “Stupid Love” music video took fans through the entire color wheel, so does this new product. The palette comes with 18 high-impact shades to give you the brightest, boldest eye look possible — and there’s a shade named after each song on the album.

“I was really drawn to playing with color, textures, and new interesting shapes. Riding the balance of rebellious full-on color with a punk twist to simple washes of color that feel powerful and brave,” Sarah Tanno, the global artistry director of Haus Laboratories, said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. There are matte, metallic, sparkle, and multi-reflective finishes, so you can mix and match them to get every level of sheen you can think of. Not to mention, Tanno added that the eyeshadow has a velvety finish, allowing you to “use your favorite brushes to create full-on color that blends to perfection, or even swipe them on with your finger.”

Already, the pop icon has dropped a Chromatica capsule collection, including a hot pink thong and jockstrap, as well as more inconspicuous sweatshirts, tees, and sweatpants. But some fans believe there will be even more Chromatica­-inspired makeup on the way. Since it’s believed that each song on the album will represent a different color from the chromatic colors scale, maybe a new collection of lipsticks will be next? Alas, it’s only a theory for now.

With the album dropping on May 29, it’s anybody’s guess if the pop star is going to surprise fans with even more drops. It’s been almost four years since Gaga’s last studio album (not including A Star Is Born), but luckily, it seems Gaga is giving fans as much as she can in return. If you want to get the Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette ($48, Haus Laboratories), it’ll be available on May 19 on the Haus Laboratories website and Amazon.

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