Where To Download 'Everything Is Love' So That You Can Listen To It Non-Stop Forever

Beyoncé on YouTube

Friends, loved ones, honored comrades, WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF BEY. Beyoncé and JAY-Z stopped the world again this weekend when they released their long-awaited and rumored joint album, EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The album features nine new songs from the couple and one single ("SALUD!"), and it marks JAY-Z's second album in one year and Beyoncé's first full album since Lemonade, released in 2016. And oh my sweet baby Jesus, was this album worth the wait. Naturally, it dropped on Tidal first, but will it be on other streaming services? I figured out where to download EVERYTHING IS LOVE so you can binge it forever and ever like the queen deserves.

First of all, can you believe Beyoncé just dropped another surprise album on us? LOL, of course you can. She's the queen. If she did it once without any of the music leaking, she could and would do it again. JAY-Z confirmed in an interview with T Magazine in November that he and Bey had made a joint album as a form of therapy for their relationship. The ideas for Lemonade and 4:44 came up while making said album, so while it was delayed, this joint album was clearly always going to be released. It was just a matter of when. Lots of fans were angry (myself included, TBH) that the couple didn't release any new music before their On The Run II world tour started, but then we all got a big dose of humility when Bey and JAY dropped the album worldwide during their concert in London on Saturday, June 16. I'm so sorry, Beyoncé. I'll never doubt you again!!

Fans lost it when Bey and JAY dropped the album.

But the album was released on Tidal, which — I'm sorry, JAY-Z — basically no one uses, so fans were begging Bey and JAY to release it on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Considering one of the lines on "NICE" features Beyoncé singing, "If I gave two f*cks about streaming numbers woulda put Lemonade up on Spotify. F*ck you," it... didn't seem likely Spotify would have a chance of getting EVERYTHING IS LOVE on its service at all. But low and behold on Monday, June 18, EVERYTHING IS LOVE was added to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes — basically all of the music platforms. God bless The Carters.

You can cancel your Tidal free trials now, everyone! The coast is clear!

The album is already number one on iTunes, because obviously. "SALUD!" is the only song so far not released on the other streaming services.

If you're wondering how I — a grown woman who's been proclaiming herself the biggest Beyoncé stan in the world for years — am doing following this second surprise album, I'll let you know after my pulse comes back. I was on the subway (aka underground with no service) the moment the album dropped, and then, when I emerged from underground, I arose to find a Beyoncé album had dropped while I didn't have service. Within five minutes of hearing the news, my best friend had signed up for a Tidal free trial and sent me the login info so I could listen. He was at work when he did this. He couldn't even listen himself. But he made an account just for me because he knew I had used my last free trial on Lemonade. He is the purest of beings, and I do not deserve him.

The entire album revealed just as much about Beyoncé and JAY-Z's relationship as Lemonade and 4:44 did. On the track "LOVEHAPPY," Bey and JAY reveal they broke up and got back together. So JAY-Z's affair with Becky with the Good Hair apparently did break them up, but they worked things out eventually and then got remarried. Remarried.

A video of Beyoncé and JAY-Z getting married played during the On The Run II tour. Rumi and Sir are in it, and it was the first look fans got of the twins since Beyoncé revealed the first photos of the twins on July 14, 2017 (my birthday *flips hair*). It seems that this video is the footage of them getting remarried like the album states, and the wedding appears to have happened somewhat recently, given the fact that Rumi and Sir just turned 1 and they look close to one year old in this video.

Here's a closer look at the twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

To sum this all up, Beyoncé and JAY-Z are happier than ever, they have the cutest babies in the world, and I'm never going to stop crying over this. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go download EVERYTHING IS LOVE on iTunes. Bye!