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Where To Buy Wireless Chargers For iPhone X If You're Sick Of Those Cords

The day of the iPhone X launch is finally here, and with it comes all of its new, highly-anticipated features. Among those features is the super retina display that comes with the iPhone's revamped screen and, of course, the new model's wireless charging capability. Here's the catch, though: The packaging of the iPhone X doesn't come with a wireless charger. This begs the question the question, "Where do you buy a wireless charger for the iPhone X?"

Well, the most obvious answer is the Apple store itself, which sells two brands of wireless chargers.

One is the "Mophie" charging base, which is essentially shaped like a thick, black disc that has a short width (just under four inches). The other is the Belkin charging pad, which has a similar shape, except with more width and a different color, white.

Both of the models are priced at about $60 and — according to a review from tech website 9to5mac — both provide about 20 percent of battery life for each 30 minutes spent on the charging base.

If you're thinking $60 is way too much money to be handing out to Apple, especially after buying a phone that will cost you roughly $999, don't worry. You have more options.

As detailed by the 9to5mac review (video above), third party chargers provide cost-effective options to your wireless charging needs, and for more than half the price of Apple's standard options.

Take the Otium wireless charger for instance. That model is an option that is priced at $20 dollars on Amazon, and has a convenient feature that allows a user to have the phone charging in vertical position, instead of laying it down horizontally.

The Otium model even chargers the iPhone X at a rate that's comparable to wireless chargers that are sold by Apple. In fact, multiple third party option charge just as fast as the Belkin and the Mophie models, per 9to5mac's review.


There also an even cheaper option that exists. On Amazon you can purchase the Choetech wireless charger for $15 (before shipping, of course).

The bottom line? There are more options available to iPhone users than the ones the two that Apple are promoting, which is a good thing. After all, the wireless charging is one of the coolest features that Apple has featured with a new release in a while.

Plus, it's one of the most useful, too. Being able to place your phone on a small pad while you're on the go — instead of scrambling to find a cord — is quite convenient.

That's probably why Apple CEO Tim Cook feels so comfortable pricing the phone at the rate the company does now.

Back in September, when the company announced the iPhone X's features, Cook told Good Morning America,

Most people are now paying for phones over long periods of time. And so very few people will pay the price tag of the phone initially. Also most people actually trade in their current phone, and so that reduces the price further, and some carriers even throw in subsidies and discounts

During a conference call ahead of the iPhoneX's Friday, Nov. 3, release date, Cook repeated the same mantra.

"It's important to put it in that context," the CEO said during a conference call. "We price for the value we're providing. We're not trying to charge the highest price we can get or anything, we're just trying to price it for what we're delivering."

So yeah, Apple thinks it's truly providing you what you're paying for. And since you are paying for it, you might as well go ahead and enjoy every feature, which means going out an getting a wireless charger, too.

Fortunately, on that front, you have options.