These 'Stranger Things' Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Perfect For Your Holiday Party

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, we can finally prepare ourselves for Christmas music, hot cocoa, Elf reruns, and of course, ugly sweater parties. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and partaking in all of the festive activities will make you warm and fuzzy inside. Do you know what else will make you warm and fuzzy inside? Stranger Things sweaters. That's right, a clothing company called TeesAndTankYou created the most heartwarming "ugly" Christmas sweaters inspired by Stranger Things, and anyone who's as obsessed with the show as I am should check them out immediately. Before I tell you where to buy Stranger Things ugly sweaters by TeesAndTankYou, let's take a look at the selection together. Trust me, you're going to want all of them for your best friend's ugly sweater party.

If you haven't seen Stranger Things yet and plan on catching up, you probably shouldn't keep scrolling. Between the messages shown on these sweaters and my commentary, there's definitely going to be a few spoilers. However, if you're still curious about the cozy getups, don't say I didn't warn you.

OK, let's get down to business. My favorite Stranger Things sweater on the site features Steve Harrington (obviously) with his studded baseball bat and sunglasses.

"All I want for Christmas is Steve Harrington."

All I Want For Christmas is Steve Harrington Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Like, are you kidding me?! How perfect is this? Could you imagine rolling up to your pal's ugly sweater party rocking a sweater with Steve Harrington on it? All of your Stranger Things-loving friends would lose it. If you agree, you can buy it on TeesAndTankYou's site for $34.00. You can also get it in white and grey (I'm sold on the pink, though).

"Bob got ran over by a Demogorgon."

Bob Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Again, this is a major spoiler — so if you haven't finished Season 2, look away!

Poor Bob, though. If you finished both seasons of Stranger Things, you know exactly what happened to Joyce's bubbly boyfriend... and it wasn't pleasant. Although this sweatshirt is a tad sad, it's a perfect tribute to his character. You can buy it on TeesAndTankYou's site for $34.00 — and if you don't like navy blue, you can get it in black.

These iconic Stranger Things lights will make your holiday party extra lit.


Stranger Things Lights Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

You'll literally light up the room when you walk into your friend's ugly sweater party rocking this sweatshirt. It also comes in pink and can be bought on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

"Barb Deserved Better."


Barb Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Poor Barb. *Sigh.*

Like Bob's sweater, this sweatshirt is a perfect tribute to Barb's character. Heck, I'm sure Barb would have even worn it herself if she could. You can buy it on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

This "Upside Down Ugly Christmas Sweater" is super spooky.


Upside Down Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Naturally, this sweater features the Shadow Monster with an upside down Stranger Things logo that says "Merry Christmas." It's totally mysterious and also comes in pink, blue, and grey (if the dark colors are too scary). You can buy this sweater on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

"In need of a date to the Snow Ball."


Snow Ball Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Talk about two contrasting sweaters, sheesh. This one (unlike the Shadow Monster sweatshirt above) is super bright and wintry. It's perfect for any holiday party, and will probably land you a date or two by the end of the night. You can buy it on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

"Friends don't lie."


Friends Don't Lie Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

Eleven would totally rock this sweater at a holiday party. The only thing missing to complete the look is an Eggo or two. Buy it on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

"Will, is that you?"


Joyce Byers Sweater, $34, TeesAndThankYou

It's safe to say Joyce Byers needs this sweatshirt to cozy up and destress. If you also need to cozy up with a new sweater, buy it on TeesAndTankYou for $34.00.

Well, it looks like you're totally set for all of the ugly sweater parties you have coming up this season. Heck, even if you aren't going to any parties, TeesAndTankYou has a ton of awesome Stranger Things merch that you can wear on the reg. May I suggest this "Bitchin" shirt or these "Barb and Nancy Best Friends" sweaters?

You're welcome.

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