Primark Is Selling An 'Aladdin' Makeup Collection That Looks Better Than A Magic Carpet Ride

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Primark

As someone whose favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that they would be making a live-action version of the classic film. But as a beauty lover, what has me even more excited is the fact that the new version of the movie has now inspired not one, but two Aladdin-themed makeup collections. The latest one? A range of beauty products created by Ireland-based fast-fashion retailer, Primark. But where to get Primark's Aladdin makeup collection is the tricky part and will likely have you wishing for your very own magic carpet.

According to Allure, the range of Aladdin-inspired beauty products are only available in Europe as of right now, but that doesn't mean that you can't lust over what they have to offer. Especially considering each of the products included in the collection are as enchanting and magical as a magic carpet ride. What's even more magical? Each item rings up at just $11 and under (they're priced in euros and pounds), so your wish for enchanting yet affordable beauty products have come true.

Courtesy of Primark

I'm sure you remember the MAC Aladdin Collection that launched earlier this month; the one that features a Jasmine-themed eyeshadow palette, lipstick bullet, and bronzer, well now Primark decided to create its own take on a collection inspired by Jasmine's beauty.

For starters, Primark's new collection features a 12-pan eyeshadow palette with 12 highly pigmented hues that each have a major color pay-off. The palette features shades like "Shooting Star," a metallic rose gold, "Make A Wish," a shimmery emerald green, and "Pure Magic," a shimmery bronze.

Courtesy of Primark

After you're done creating an eye look inspired by the city of Agrabah, you can lather yourself in Primark's glitter body mist, and then create a bouffant ponytail like Jasmine's using the purple and gold paddle brush and teal head turban that are also included in the collection, so you can look just like the Princess.

Primark's new launch also features things like a gold compact mirror, a sleeping mask that bares Jasmine's eyes across the front, and faux eyelashes. As well as a pack of 24 press-on nails that feature five different designs: an iridescent purple, a teal with rhinestones around the cuticle, a white and purple marbled nail, a white nail with a blue outline of Jasmine's silhouette, and a lavender nail with rhinestones and a golden design.

Finally, to round out the new collection Primark designed the Making My Own Magic Perfume, a scent that features none other than notes of jasmine.

Courtesy of Primark

If all of these new Aladdin-inspired beauty products have you feeling extra nostalgic ahead of seeing the new live-action version of the film, then you'll have to book your flight, or magic carpet ride, over to Europe to cop these magical products as soon as possible. But in case you don't have a Genie as your best friend that can grant you three wishes to fly over to Europe, then you can just simply love these new products from afar until they (hopefully) become available in the U.S..