IHOP Is Releasing Merch & It Includes A Pancake Onesie

Courtesy of IHOP

What could be better than eating a full plate of IHOP pancakes alongside your besties? Enjoying that stack while decked out in IHOP's latest fashions. Say what? IHOP just dropped a limited edition collection of breakfast-lovers merch, and here's where to buy IHOP PancakeWear Clothing, because I know your squad has a sweet tooth.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are ordering the IHOP Funny Face pancake with the chocolate chip smile (there's also a newer Create-A-Face pancake for the more sugar-sensitive youngins out there today). I’d also experiment with the various flavors of maple syrup at the table (plain, strawberry, blueberry) and would usually end up mixing all of them together. My parents probably watched in fear at the sugar high I would soon have, but that's the beauty of IHOP.

IHOP knows how loyal their customers that they'd look for any way to profess their love of pancakes, which is why the restaurant is releasing a limited-edition collection of IHOP PancakeWear clothing. The collection is available for adults and children and features loungewear that's best served with a side of bacon (unless you're a vegetarian). Even better, this merch drop is a part of IHOP's 60 Days of Giving and a portion of proceeds from the PancakeWear will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. IHOP's goal for the month of March is to raise $5 million for the hospitals, so by buying some PancakeWear, you're really just doing your part.

PancakeWear by IHOP Adult Lounge Pants

Courtesy of IHOP

Pankcake Wear IHop Lounge, $29-$85, Ebay

The lounge pants are printed with IHOP logo mugs, pancakes, eggs, and bacon, everything a breakfast-lover could want in a pant. The adult sizes range from smal to extra large and kids sizes are also available for $29.

PancakeWear by IHOP Adult One-Piece Loungewear

Courtesy of IHOP

Pancake Wear by IHop Lounge, $29-$85, Ebay

The one-piece loungewear item, what I would lovingly call an adult onesie, is patterned with the same IHOP food and coffee print as the pants, but with this you don't have to worry about what shirt to wear, you're all covered, literally. The one-piece zips up in the front and has sweatshirt-like pockets so you can grab a few extra sugar packets for your grandma. The onesie is also available for children for $50.

PancakeWear by IHOP Socks

Courtesy of IHOP

Pankcake Wear by IHop Socks, $15, Ebay

The socks feature the iconic IHOP smiley face in a red, white, and blue graphic print. I don't see any bacon on these so they're vegetarian friendly (technically, all the clothing is meat-free).

Now I want all of this stuff even more and I'm hungry. Stephanie Peterson, Executive Director of Communications at IHOP spoke to me about the inspiration for PancakeWear,

Breakfast and laid-back loungewear just go together at IHOP, so we thought it would be fun to design a limited-edition merchandise collection that reflects the spirit of the brand and what we see in our restaurants all the time – people in pajamas enjoying pancakes."

Loungewear goes with pretty much everything in my entire life but hey, I'm more than happy to throw some extra pancakes into the mix, too.

Is #pancakeporn a thing?

PancakeWear is available to purchase on eBay for Charity (you can buy everything right away, no bidding required), a section of the shopping site that allows both sellers and buyers to make charitable donations. According to the brand's press release, it's all about enjoying a stack while doing some good.

"The ultra-comfy PancakeWear by IHOP collection is the perfect accessory for eating pancakes, dreaming about pancakes, talking about pancakes and general pancake revelry – and helps a child in need at the same time."

I'm all in for some "pancake revelry." You're encouraged you to wear your PancakeWear duds into your local IHOP and show it off on social media to participate in social media-wide breakfast merriment. Tag @IHOP and #PancakeWear to show off your charitable purchases — and your breakfast spread.