Glossier's Is Dropping Glossiwear, A Line Of Hoodies & Merch In The Brand's Signature Pink

I know Spring Cleaning is usually the perfect opportunity to clear out one's closet, but now that I've heard the news that Glossier is dropping a line of wearable merch, I'm about to do a little Summer Cleaning to ensure there's plenty of room in my wardrobe. ICYMI, the company that made millennial pink and no-makeup makeup cool is blessing its loyal stans with a line of limited-edition pieces, and pretty much everyone is wondering where to buy Glossier's Glossiwear when it drops. If you're part of the girl gang downright obsessed with all things Glossier, read on for all the deets, including how to be one of the first to shop the bound-to-sell-out drop.

While many brands drop serious coin on promo photoshoots and ad campaigns to hype up new releases, all it takes to win over the Glossier crowd is a particularly good post on Instagram, so when the brand dropped a photo of a model wearing the cutest of millennial pink Glossier sweatshirts, beauty-lovers everywhere went wild. Glossier once had a crewneck listed on their site alongside Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, Cloud Paint, and so many other iconic products, but the piece has since vanished, and in its place is a "Coming soon" promise of more chic attire.

Prepare to be totally and utterly obsessed with Glossiwear:


Think of it as the major first limited-edition collection of beauty brand merch:

I mean, I rep my favorite bands on concert tees, my alma mater on a baseball cap, iconic landmarks I've visited on vacation via impulse-purchased oversized sleepshirts — makeup-inspired merch is hardly a stretch. And yet, I've never seen a beauty brand drop a full-on line of attire, so Glossiwear is a very big deal.

And of course, fans on Twitter have a ton of questions about it, from sizing to what pieces the actual drop will include:

For now, the brand has only shown one pink sweatshirt, so no one can say for sure if there will be multiple pieces or just one iconic fit, but either way, I can almost confirm Glossiwear will be selling out fairly quickly.

Some fans did note that Glossier is offering a special online deal with millennial pink hair clips right now. Perhaps more hair accessories will be included in the Glossiwear drop?

Imagine a full face of Glossier glam, framed by some very cute Glossier hair clips up top, and a Glossier pink hoodie to finish off the look? I'm sold. If you, too, plan on shopping the line, you can head over to the Glossier website on July 17 when Glossiwear goes live. Until then, you have the option to sign up to be notified of any additional deets, including the moment the products hit the site.

Me, patiently waiting to buy even more pink clothes come the Glossiwear launch date:

Is it weird that I'm as excited about this merch as I would be about an actual product drop? Too bad, because I'm not the only one. Long live Glossier, and catch me rocking my Glossiwear hoodie very soon!