Eva NYC's Mane Magic 10-In-1 Collection Is Full Of Multitasking Products For Stronger, Silkier Hair


When I see a particularly cute beauty brand on Instagram, I'm always skeptical of how well the products actually work — sometimes, all it takes is some flatlay-friendly packaging to make a so-so formula go viral. When it comes to haircare, I'm even more particular, but after hearing so many of my IRL friends rave about Eva NYC, I knew the hype around this trendy brand was justified. Since first scrolling through their account, I've tried and loved a few of their products firsthand, and now that they've just released some newness, it seems everyone is wondering where to buy Eva NYC's Mane Magic 10-in-1 Collection.

Like a lot of people, I first came across Eva NYC while on the hunt for a good hair glitter. Maybe it was a desire to do the most that festival season, or simply a personal infatuation with all things sparkly, but I had to have one, and their Kweeen Glitter Spray ($12, was the one practically everybody recommended to me. Since then, I've kept up with the brand and its very-aesthetically-pleasing Instagram account, so when they posted about dropping a new line, I was all ears.

Behold, four products hailed by the brand as "miracle potions":

"You loved our primer so we created a family," the brand captioned the photo, referring to the product that inspired the rest of the line, the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer ($12, The primer has been a fan favorite for a while now, so the brand decided to expand with its multitasking talents in mind.

"What @evahairnyc products can you not live without?" the brand captioned an Instagram post back in January:

"The hair primer😍😍🙌 I love it so much and every customer I recommend it to loves it too! Can't keep it in stock!" wrote one Instagram user. "That primer is everythingggggg 😍 i always brag about it 💯," claimed another. "I can’t live without the Mane Magic Primer. It’s everything you need in one single bottle," declared a third user, and believe me when I say, the praise went on. And on. And on. So Eva NYC listened, and launched three new Mane Magic beauties that all do ten things at once. In the case of the primer, it's meant to detangle, reduce frizz, strengthen, soften, cut drying time, add shine, nourish, smoothe, and protect against thermal and UV damage, according to the brand, and that's the 10-in-1 magic.

One of the new products is the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Mousse ($12,

The Mousse is meant to be used after the Mane Magic Primer, and users should dispense a pump into their hands and then work it into the roots to emphasize volume with no crunchy residue. The formula includes argan oil and baobob, and its ten tasks are as follows: it adds fullness, reduces frizz, moisturizes, softens, volumizes, provides light hold, maintains style, smoothes, nourishes, and adds shine.

You can see it in action all over the brand's Instagram:

Meant to be used beforehand while in the shower are the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Shampoo ($12, and Conditioner ($12,

Infused with argan oil and Keravis protein complex, the sulfate-free shampoo promises to do all of the following ten things to your hair: moisturize, reduce frizz, strengthen, soften, revitalize, nourish, reduce breakage, smooth, increase manageability, and give strands a healthy look and feel. Likewise, the conditioner claims to do the same, only instead of reducing breakage, it detangles for an easier post-shower experience.

When used altogether, Eva NYC claims the result is stronger, silkier strands:

Imagine all the luxe hair flips you could do:

The collection is ripe for the picking over on Ulta's site as well as on the Eva NYC brand site, so if your hair could use a little extra love at the moment, you might want to consider experiencing some Mane Magic for yourself.